Taylor Swift Justin Bieber Atlantis Concert


Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift will heat up the Atlantis LIVE’s concert series in the Bahamas on June 19. Packages for 5 day/ 4 nights start at $499* plus a free companion airfare.** Tickets to the Atlantis LIVE shows and reservations can be booked by calling 1-800-Atlantis or at Atlantis.com.


  • emma13

    i would love to go since i love both justin and taylor.

  • islandgurl

    wtf Aryanna he does work hard n I love him n I’m from The Bahamas n it hink they both deserve it so fuck off bitch n if its any1 whu cud say deserves ta perform in my bahamasland its me !!!!!!!!!!!

  • X3X3PaperheartsX3



  • ilovemusic

    I’m going June 25th! Ugh, wish they were going just a few days later :\

  • Anonymous

    Right. This is so cheap. Of course I’ll go.

    I’m not even a fan enough of these two to spend 15 dollars to see them in concert. But I like them a lot. Anyone else feel this way? lol

  • Fiona

    Cool… but with all their fans its going to be extremly packed. Wouldn’t want to be at the resort on that day.
    And what is a regent in New Yorkt that people are complaing about?

  • Anonymous

    i wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I wish i could goo :)

  • Anonymous

    Both Fails. I’m sad that my mother’s Birthday had to occur on the same date as this one huge Fail.

  • Patricia

    Im really thinking about going to c Justin. I actually went to check out the website. If i can get a group of people to go with me it would b so cool to c Justin in paradise.

  • Your Love is my Drug

    cool. i wish i could go.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Aryanna

    Ugh. This guy pisses me off. She worked hard for this. She deserves it. And he doesn’t.

  • disney_girl

    Go taylro<3

  • Your Love is my Drug

    i was firssst. not like it matters though.

  • K.F.D.M.S lover

    Aryanna said:

    Ugh. This guy pisses me off. She worked hard for this. She deserves it. And he doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    AGREEEEEED! i hate new york omg bye

  • Syds.

    If I have a regents that day, no one will understand what I will do. I wanna go SO bad. Fuck New York State.

  • <33333333

    cool. love u bieber!!!!