Disney Channel has ordered an original movie based on the novel ‘Lemonade Mouth,‘ the story of five Rhode Island freshmen who meet in detention and decide to form a garage band using unusual instruments, including a ukulele, according to THR. The project’s title, and the band’s name,

..comes from a student-led protest in the book to save the school’s organic lemonade machine. ‘Lemonade’ likely will debut a few months after Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam’s September premiere date.

  • KittieJ

    I love this book, but judging by Read It And Weep the movie will barely resemble the book (especially since one of the first scenes consists of a trumpeter getting a hard-on because he accidentally sees naked drawings of his father’s girlfriend when he is supposed to be doing a presentation for his Social Studies class) and will not be all that great. Even so, fingers crossed…

  • Anonymous

    I know right!! LOL

  • Anonymous

    looks cute

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  • Shawty from Cali

    what the hell xD

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  • Chelsea-Rose

    Disney Channel has ordered

    I can just imagine little Mickey Mouse in a big high chair. I WANT THIS MOVIE, NOW!

  • Anonymous

    so its like a musical verision of the breakfast club? gaaaay. the breakfast club is the greatest movie ever.

  • Anonymous

    whats with disney and gay bands ?

  • Shawty from Cali

    disney movies are getting worse and worse
    i don’t think camp rock 2 wil be awesome -_-

  • Anonymous

    okay, this was SUCH a good book. you wouldn’t understand unless you’ve read it.

    disney is going to RUIN this and make it as gay as the book description sounds.