• Anonymous



  • em

    ummmm why danielle quizio is in this post……………………..

  • Anonymous

    im the one in the first jonas brothers picture :) lmao

  • Anonymous

    uh peoplee the first one is demi and idk who the blonde is tho

  • Anonymous

    THAT IS NOT DEMI. Her name is Danielle!

  • Anonymous

    its not demi its danielle and the blonde girl is brynn foley. they both posted it on their twitters. NOT demi.

  • Anonymous

    demi looks asian.
    minus her butt chin.
    which has magically declined in appearance.
    girl has gotten too much botox.

  • Anonymous

    the girl of the first photo is DANIELLE GUIZIO! maybe OCEANUP thinks shes DEMI LOVATO!!
    PFFF!! lol

  • Anonymous

    UNF Alex Noyes.

  • Anonymous

    wo0ah miley woahh, a little scary right there!!

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Is that kissing picture a picture with a fan?

  • Mareike

    WHy does OU insist on posting pics in this post that aren’t about actual fan meetings? lol
    Anyway, I see Kayslee Collins Luslee ftw haha, ok no…

  • leLIVREinterdit

    who’s the dude/girl kissing their fan square on the lips??? i can’t tell which is the celebrity. lol. but the fan will probably treasure that for the rest of their life. haha, i would.

  • anonymous123
  • Anonymous

    who are the two people kissing?

  • mileycyrus.

    Who is the one on tha kissing picture?
    Is it a fan?

  • Anonymous

    so’s your picture…

  • Anonymous

    the first one is danielle guizio not demi lovato oceanup!

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    Some of these are like 2 years old. -_-

  • iloveyouux


  • iloveyouux


  • little misssunshinee

    ahaha man i should have put my pics uppp!! oh well next time ferrshuree!

  • picstoburn

    the girl of the first photo is DANIELLE GUIZIO! maybe OCEANUP thinks shes DEMI LOVATO!!
    PFFF!! lol
    i think it is demi because i recognize the blonde one.
    but idk. kinda looks like her O.o

  • Charlotte-x-
  • Anonymous


  • shittttttt.

    the girl of the first photo is DANIELLE GUIZIO! maybe OCEANUP thinks shes DEMI LOVATO!!
    PFFF!! lol

    haha i know. i don’t think band groupies/ glamour kills models count as celebs. obviously ou thinks it’s demi.

  • Anonymous

    Love the Jonas Brothers pictures.

  • w

    Omg Jack Bass!

  • Sass

    Who is the one on tha kissing picture?
    Is it a fan?

  • Anonymousssss

    it’s definitely not demi. the pic is straight from danielle’s twitter.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know who Tony is kissin?!
    Fricking jealous.

  • Anonymous

    the first one is danielle guizio and the blonde is brynn foley, they have absolutely nothing to do with disney or nick…

  • Lala name secret, I LOVE LOGAN LERMAN!

    Who is kissing who on the fifth photo??

  • X3X3PaperheartsX3



  • Anonymous

    the first pic is danielle guizio. she posted that picture on her twitter. it’s NOT demi

  • Anonymous

    <3 Jedward <3

  • Anonymous

    BRYNN <#

  • Alice

    Yay Jedward!(:
    When I see them, I’m proud to be Irish for once:]
    Ireland ftw!??

  • Anonymous

    Tony Oller is kissing his friend brittany. He’s been hanging out with her a lot.

  • Anonymous

    holly crap! the girl with justin bieber has a horeur shirt! :D

  • Fiona
    Those guys’ freaky hair= ROFL
    Two Edward vamps in the making…

  • Anonymous

    the first chick is danielle guizio. she and demi look alike. :|
    get it together,oceanup!

  • Anonymous

    the kissing picture is tony oller.

  • superJOEman

    Demi loves blackberry while Joe loves iPhone!!! :D

  • Anonymous

    Jedward are AMAZING! hahah they’re so funny :P

  • Anonymous

    the first picture is danielle guizio and brynn foley. she really doesn’t look that much like demi she looks more like megan fox.

  • raragrl

    haha yeah thats me with the horeur shirt…
    Horeur’s pretty awesome! They put that pic up on the horeur myspace too lol

  • Anonymous

    Who is the famous person in the picture with all the kids in it?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    this first picture is of danielle guizio and brynn foley. get your facts straight oceanup!

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    Who’s the one in the first and majority of the photos?

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  • Your Mom Was Here

    wtf lucas till?

  • LaLaLaLand

    wtf??? why is OU insisting of posting soooooo many posts at once

  • daniellaa

    aw kayslee and lucas <3

    the 1st pic is danielle guizio or w.e

  • Anonymous


  • KOptimus Prime

    Maybe post a link to my flickr account for those Kayslee and Luke Till pictures considering that’s where whoever submitted these got them. That’d be great considering I’ve got TONS of pictures there. Thanks.

  • ThatboyisaMONSTER

    wait a second… wtf is Jedward doing on there? :\

  • Anonymous

    The first picture is Danielle Guizio and Brynn Foley. Everyone thinks she looks like Demi, but she doesn’t really when you get a good look at her, though. She’s really pretty, though. It’s definitely not Demi Lovato and Anna Oliver, though.

  • musiciseverything

    Who’s in the first picture?

  • Anonymous000

    thats tony oller kissing the girl, and its his friend not a fan

  • Your Mom Was Here

    wtf Miley?

  • Anonymous

    i dont really consider the first photo a fan meeting photo… but whatevs.

    i love the honor society photos :)

  • Your Mom Was Here

    and Bieber looks cute with the dog haha

  • Anonymous

    thats not demi in the first

  • PaaperPlanes

    Leighton Meester is so naturally pretty. :-)

  • AlicexGore

    Yeep ! i know the girl from the last picture ! haha (:

    if she saw this, find me on twitter, please :D

  • Anonymous

    who is that guy kissing the girl???