Savannah Outen Josh Golden MASHUP

  • Noa

    This is soo old

  • flyFISHIE

    Love them both! I talked to Savannah yesterday on Your Time With Josie. Such a sweetie. And I’ve got a fansite for Josh,, but the url will soon be (hopefully), starting tomorrow. Check out your first and best source for all things Golden!

  • Anonymous

    the guy doesnt sound good until the end
    and her voice gets kinda annoying at parts
    but she looks exactly like lo from the hills llol
    but the concept is really cool with all the songs telling a story

  • Anonymous

    I love josh golden :)

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  • Shawty from Cali

    I love Savannah <3

  • Anonymous

    i dont really like this too much…she sounds alright but that guy sounds like shit.

  • Anonymous

    who are they ?

  • A Fan

    I love Josh Golden, but Savannah, I’m not a fan of her voice, but she is still talented.

  • @isabelavj

    aaaw, i love the both of them! savannah and josh are amazingly talented :) love this video hahah <3

  • Hangover

    I like her voice:)

  • sara12

    i never laughed so hard in my life

  • @marjunalau

    I LOOOOOVEEE SAVANNAH! shes so talented and awesome! :)