Justin Bieber Australia’s Funniest Videos

Thx Anna!


    je t’aime Justin

  • áninháá

    hahahahah funny vids!!!
    I love yaa Justin soo much!!
    You should come to Portugal we love you here LOL
    People go follow me on twitter @AninhalOol

  • Timber518

    Lol! Wow.

    But I don’t get why he was on there. It just seems kinda random.

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  • Joe’s Girl

    HATE HIM!!!! 1st???

  • Anonymous

    mm ok?.. so.. why are you here?

  • Mrs. McBride

    man jb is the best nd i mean justin bieber jb not jonas bros

  • Fiona

    Timber518 said:
    Lol! Wow.

    But I don’t get why he was on there. It just seems kinda random
    I agree kinda random but funny


    Loveeee him :D

  • Anonymous


  • areli jonas bieber

    i love so much!! you are very funny!!
    saludos desde mexico!!

    :D jonasBieber