The Pretty Reckless rocked the Bamboozle Music Festival on East Rutherford, New Jersey with over 30,000 people watching. Full gallery of Taylor Momsen looking amazing in a black top @ Taylor-Momsen.Net. Vids under!

  • Janie

    Not beauty-just a lot of black eyeliner. How about a day without it?

  • Anonymous

    she looks like an idiot. she’s trying so hard to be “hardcore” but she just looks foolish. a real class act.
    agreed. I cant take her seriously coz she tries SO HARD. its like a pop gossip girl chick just trying so hard to bring out her inner Jenny Humphrey and failing. She looks like an idiot in those hooker boots. Look at hayley williams. Shes a rockstar and she dresses like…a normal person. The focus is on her MUSIC not her body or outfit or eyeliner. And thats why the music industry wont take you seriously if all you’re trying to do is sell sex.

  • Dolly

    her hair looks better short

  • wishYOUwereHERE

    Her stomach isn’t fat.. it’s just got indents or whatever on it.. when I sit for a long time my stomach gets lines on it like that too..

    Why do girls have to criticize other girls bodies.. not nice. It just contributes more and more to the rediculous pressure put on girls in this day and age to look perfect.

    If you want to criticize her maybe it should be for something personality related..


    looking amazing?please, she looks like a junkie.

  • Anonymous

    most of her songs have a popish vibe to them
    i dno why i cant see it as rock…maybe because shes little J.

    http://socialitelife.celebuzz.com/archive/2010/05/03/taylor_momsen_wants_you_to_play.php < LOL AT HER CONTRADICTING HERSELF YET AGAIN.

  • picstoburn

    im sorry but she looks like a hooker

  • jonai

    She’s so fug, no one cares about her “music” or “acting”. No wonder they kicked her out from GG.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but she is NOT fat!and refering to your commemt,Ermm she normally looks skinny because she IS skinny! you might not like her but saying shes fat is a massive low because everyone can she she’s not fat! you obviousely have a weight problem yourself if you think she’s fat! so sort ya own problems out! and by the looks of things the problem is with your eyes!

  • Anonymous

    if taylor was someone *coughcough* she must’ve been get all the hate because of wearing that dress.. But, I’m not really his/her supporter, just looking through the comment he/she get this lately.. :) peace out!~

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Shes so bland. Has no stage persona or general personality …its a shame.
    She tries to fit into a typical “rockstar” persona and its really not her otherwise it wouldnt look so fake.


    Look, its taylor looking hardcore as shes always been according to herself

  • Anonymous

    I was there, it sucked!! But the next day I saw MGMT and got to meet Andrew VanWyngarden, so that made up for her shitty performance.

  • island.B


  • Anonymous


    So how can she at her age be Hard Core, without looking like she is trying too hard to look that way.

    Don’t say she shouldn’t because that’s not supportive or constructive.

    You seem to like to criticize, but you don’t seem to have any constructive answers.

    She wants to look and be hard core, so tell her how she can do it at her age.

  • Anonymous

    She has a creepy body. Girl looks sick.

  • Anonymous

    She has a creepy body. Girl looks sick.

  • Anonymous

    I love her. Her music is awesome

  • Anonymous

    wow… skanky… your mother must be so proud…

  • Anonymous

    She looks like the evil version of Taylor Swift.

  • ohmimiley

    Yea uhm.. (drops head and shakes it) A new record.. (leaves post)

  • Hilary


  • Anonymous

    suprised how fat and flabby her stomach is. normally she looks so skinny.

  • Anonymous

    this is the show where she groped her boobs right?

  • Anonymous

    she looks like an idiot. she’s trying so hard to be “hardcore” but she just looks foolish. a real class act.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    it’s one thing to wear a bikini or something but she doesn’t have that great of abs to show em off in that shirt. she looks skanky and not cute or classy.

  • NotAnonymous

    I can see why Taylor is so disaffected and angry – she is 17, earns millions of dollars, and attracts guys aged 15 to 55 to “listen” to her band by dressing as a hooker. She’s just a typical angst ridden multi-millionaire teen.

  • Fiona

    she has natural beauty but I think the eyemake is a bit over top
    Look at the pic to the left:
    Liking her music

  • StarLightSTARbright

    now for all of you who are sticking up for her better stfu about Miley.

  • Kat

    Miley is not a “slut” nor is Taylor a “slut”. I highly doubt that any of you have had the chance to know either girl on a personal level so what gives anyone the right to judge them like that? At least they’re out there attempting to make something of their life.

  • Anonymous

    its funny how people say she’s a slut when Miley is one herself. oh well. stupid miley fans supporting her slut ahahahaha good job

  • Anonymous

    okay everyone shut up
    shes not a slut
    she started out wearing a leather jacket and a t shirt
    i was there
    it was crazy hot and everyone was like dying of heat
    she was about to puke on stage from being so hot and when she came of she was saying how hot it was and how she thought shed pass out
    she was wearing that cause of the heat
    would you call the girls walking around in bikini tops sluts just cause it was 10000 degrees outside?
    i met her and she was actually so sweet and even took pictures and signed despite needing to go cool off and having a heat stroke and feeling like she was about to pass out

  • The Real Deal

    I think she has potential. A good looking girl with a nice voice. But her personality just puts me off completely. Ugh!

  • Anonymous

    YOURE FRIGGIN’ RICHH!!!! BUYYY YOUURRSEELFFFF SOMEEEEEE NIIICCEEE CLOOOTHESSSSSS! like seriously, wtf is wrong with you? ooh yes.. youre a “rebel”! :O

    && for all you psychos that are gunna go insane about what i just said;;

    SUCK-IT ;)

  • 30h!3FOREVER

    she looks like an idiot. she’s trying so hard to be “hardcore” but she just looks foolish. a real class act.


    i toooooootally agreee!! she tries so hard she ends up making a fool of herself!! and whats up with the shirt?? her belly is not that great to show off.. and oh, her songs are terrible

  • Fiona

    Wonder what her eyes look like without all the eye makeup.
    Today is the first time I gave her music a chance and i really like it. You have to either like that kind of music or not.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a free hooker just sayin |:

  • RiseAboveTheStorm

    hookerr..she tries waaayyy too hard to be sexy, & ends up looking trashy

  • Effy

    I was waiting to hear some of her songs

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure there were not 30,000 people at bamboozle. I went there and there was no more than 1,000.

  • Effy

    she’s not a bad singer

  • Effy

    well, first, second and third

  • sophieee

    is this her style?
    Either no pants and shirt. OR No shirt and pants.

  • Disdain


  • wtfbecca

    she kind of looks slutty. but i dont believe you can judge what kid of person somebody is based on their clothes. but judging by her interviews she does seem kind of like a bitch.

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    *Gives Taylor a sweater and make up wipe*

  • Effy

    she’s young, at this age living in a world where you are treated like an adult all the time many people end up acting like they are all that when they probably aren’t and like they know everything when they obviously don’t .. she may get better (or worst) growing up

  • Anonymous

    She has a creepy body. Girl looks sick.

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    *Silently leaves this post*

  • Anonymous

    in our art test we had to the choose if we either draw her rihanna or johnny depp i took her she is really beautiful but hard to draw :S

  • laurageorgie

    well.. i think she’s amazing.

  • Anonfdgymrterwgterous

    okay normally i wuld totally be against this type of post but i gotta say something

    its not your life.she has nothing to do with you.
    so why do you care what kind of a name shes putting out forherself
    the only fanbase she has really got is the gossip girl fanbase and LORD KNOWS that the show does influence young kds , cause wel…. no kid should be watching that show

    yes she may be just sixteen (17 ?) but its her life.let her
    and sing
    the way she wants

    those who will support her will support her . that doesnt mean you have to
    so just chill

    plus at first i totally wasnt liking the idea of hr having an album but if you have heard that song “make me wanna die” .. its pretty kickass (pardon the pun)

    so give hera chance

  • Anonymous

    Look everyone, It’s a SLUT!

  • Anonymous

    You guys do realise it was a festival and it’s hot, now I’ve never been on stage bu j would assume it’s quite hot and so what if she wants to wear a mid drift top heaps of girls younger than her do everyday
    get over it
    she is beautiful and her music is amazing
    I love you Taylor

  • Anonymous

    eww just an even trashier version of miley the slut cyrus

  • MaryMary

    Anonymous said:
    Look everyone, It’s a SLUT!

    Well it’s not a picture of Miley, so no.

    GO TAYLOR <3

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