Jonas Brothers Perfect Situation Fan Film

  • Anonymous

    Not a Niley or Nelena fan, however that was actually good. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Haha, I Actually Think It Was A Girl Talking As Nick(:

  • Anonymous

    yeah it is a girl as nick lol..most of the actors in this are girls..its by ClassicCoolProd on should really all check it out

  • Andreiita

    I would love see something like that! haha. But we all know that we won’t see that happen EVER.

  • StarLight24

    I legit thought this was an actual audio track from a commercial for a movie at first =|

  • Anonymous

    Love it!
    I am watching it once it comes out on youtube.
    Known about it for awhile.

  • starlight24

    that was so goooood

  • Anonymous

    so legit

  • Anonymous

    So cool haha!

  • brianaheart19

    This is pretty cool…and I love the part with Nicole.”Hey she’s weird.”

  • My_Bench_Stupid_Hobo


  • Anonymous

    that wasn’t horsegal, that was classiccoolprod but yes horsegal does do amazing videos.

  • Anonymous

    Guys i made this movie for editing purposes. To show off my writing and stuff. I write more original/creative stuff but ofcourse i’m not going to post THAT online. haha. ;)
    p.s. i could care less about the couples….i just needed good clips! lol.

  • JonasandMileyPones

    Pretty cute!

  • Anonymous

    gotta say…looks pretty good. i would watch this. and im not the kinda person to watch fan made videos.

  • Anonymous

    yay one of my best friends videos is on this!! you have to watch its amazing trust me!!

  • Anonymous

    Some of the voices were right on. Like Nick and Kevin’s voices were right on.

  • Anonymous

    The person who made this trailer is actually making a fully length youtube movie with this. It comes out in June.

  • Anonymous

    wow the guy that talks for Nick sounds like him A LOT

  • Anonymous

    The Jonas Brothers need to do a movie like this. I can so see Nick in this.

  • TSLove

    Horsegirl does amazing videos!

  • Anonymous

    That was pretty awesome not even going to lie.

  • Anonymous

    wow this is actually good. if it were a real movie i would totally see it. even if the Jonas Brothers wernt in it (: really epic

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  • JB rocks my socks

    The voice over for Nick was pretty good!
    I liked it!

  • Deluminator

    This is pretty awesome. And i don’t even remotely dabble into fan made videos @_@

  • Anonymous

    i think it’s pretty cool. :)

  • chelle

    so I would totally see that movie if it were real…

  • Anonymous

    ew miley get out.

  • Anonymous

    thats bad =]

  • mesho

    thats sucks =]

  • xiiNat

    Haha, im David in this. Gotta say its so awesome its on oceanup like forreals! Tensaye (ClassicCoolProd) Is a amazing editor, and the story is gonna be a full film on youtube, you should check it out!

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA, anyone here rp on myspace?

    well the voice of nick, is seth verizon :D

  • say AAH!

    LMAO at “miley” in this…

  • Anonymous

    Wow, they actually posted this up on oceanup, haha. Anyway guys, it’s not Niley, it’s Nelena. This fan film is pretty cool. I watched the trailer like over 50 times xD Can’t wait for it.

  • NeverShoutCassy

    I loved this trailer when I saw it on YouTube a few months ago.(:
    To the haters;;
    Yes, it’s Nelena. Please move on with your life.
    Yes, people do spend their time making these videos because they have talent, unlike you who sits around all day watching stuff they hate so they can leave a rude comment.
    Have a nice day.(:

  • Anonymous

    i am wicked excited for this…haha. and they should make this a real movie

  • ohlovemedo

    It’s not a Niley video. If anything it’s Nelena, but I’m pretty sure that’s a bit of a stretch, everyone seems pretty jumbled.

  • Ash

    I stopped watching once I saw her face.

  • Anonymous

    not niley, nelena

    srry 4 being the evr so present anon im 2 lazy to think of a usrname

  • Domi

    no…if you had watched….it was a nelena video…..:)

  • Anonymous

    Lol its not a niley video.. its a Nelena video… woww <_<

  • Anonymous

    actually miley’s the evil bitch girl in this.
    Its Nelena.. :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s not Niley.. it’s Nelena o-o

    Maybe if you watched it through, you would have realized.

  • Anonymous

    1. Its not Niley
    2. Is amazing

  • bee,

    I was about to stop watchign too.
    But then I kept going. ITS NOT NILEY :D
    Its Nelena.!

  • xoxokatie8

    I stopped watching once I realized it’s a Niley video

  • jonaslover

    foreal!..this video is dummbb..niley is also!

  • Anonymous

    i like that song holy shit it’s about time you get off my dick that goes out to all jonas stan get off their dick

  • hsmlover09

    omg! I’m in this movie! I do the voice of Nicole Anderson xD Anyways… thanks ocean up!!! :)

  • StarLightSTARbright


    And it was about Nelena.

  • thecolordecays.

    Can’t bother watching this!

  • elliesaur

    I don’t care for Nelena, but this is cute. (:

  • Anonymous

    very cute.

  • Anonymous

    very cute.

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  • NileyPwns

    i stopped watching once i realized it was nelena :(

  • hollywood__xx

    NileyPwns said:

    i stopped watching once i realized it was nelena :(

    well, that’s stupid. grow up…its a FICTIONAL story.

  • Anonymous

    i wish one day the JOnas BROthers actually make a real romantic movie like this. and oh my gosh imagine all disney stars are in it! deng that would be amazing. in the movie joe is deciding whether to be with demi or chelsea. or nick with selena, miley, or nicole lol. idk wow this video totally inspired me to write a story about them haha



  • StarLightSTARbright

    I can’t believe that people actually spend their time doing videos like this.

  • Anonymous

    I liked it even though it was a nelena video :) I love Nick<3.

  • TheBandGirl12

    I love this so much. I’ve known about it for a while though lol. ClassicCoolProductions makes amazing vids :) You guys should all check her out :P

  • viva la vixen

    pretty legit