• SunLight Princess

    he’s hot, even though he would be better off without the long hair.

  • Anonymous

    he’s gorgeous :D

  • Anonymous

    im loving his hair..i think hes going for that johnny depp look..
    damn cant belive miley dated him ..he looks 30 i wondered if he pressured miley for sex

  • DuffCyrusLover

    Justin Gaston looks amazing even when he’s not with Miley, don’t you girls agree? lol

  • LOVE dc

    Neanderthals shouldn’t go to clubs…



  • peacelovehearts

    Neanderthals shouldn’t go to clubs…

  • LOVE dc

    Justin Gaston is so pathetic, why oceanup post about him?? i dont even know what im doing here :D

  • Hilary

    Like… really?

  • island.B

    get it Justin ;)

  • Anonymous

    I want McFly posts! MCFLY MCFLY MCFLY!

  • Anonymous

    GROSS! I can’t believe HE was with Miley!

  • Anonymous

    “Thank you for birthing me.” What a great mothers day gift! LOL

  • ThatboyisaMONSTER

    Im sorry but he annoys me SO much. oh and wait OU, so he gets a own category on here but Mcfly doesnt? :/

  • _CyrusLovatoObsessed_

    No one cares !
    BTW, if he can’t afford it, can someone buy him a scissors ?It’s not hot anymore