Miley Cyrus 2010 CONCERT DATES


More details @ Myspace. Miley is going to perform ‘Can’t Be Tamed‘ on Good Morning America and Live with Regis and Kelly on June 18, 2010. Thx Gabby!

  • Joick Team

    RT Macarena(?
    In Argentina? I’m from Argentina and here they never said anything about Miley to come.

  • Anonymous

    She is not coming to Argentina! That is false information! May 8 is in two days, that’s absolutely imposible.

  • Lu

    I wish to have Miley here in argentina :/ but it’s kinda impossible.

  • tete_mileybrazil

    It is false. She’s not come to Argentina andif she is would certainly pass in Brazil. The ticket sale had to be done before and not now. I have every reason to find false information!

  • Natii

    I would love to if she come to Argentina it will be AMAZING

  • Ashe Cyrus Jonas

    “at River Plate Stadium, Ciudad Autoctoma de Buenos Aires Sat, May 8 @ 7:00PM


    [ :'( ]

  • Gaa

    I wish to see Miley in Argentina but this information is a mistake in the myspace of Miley or something like that, ’cause I’m from Argentina and nothing was said about Miley here. I don’t know what happened in her myspace, maybe a mistake or was hacked :S


    She needs to come to Australia, kthnx.

  • from Argentina

    WTF??? are she coming to Argentina the 29th of May???? Because now in her mnyspace appear that date
    plase, tell us something about this!!!!!!!!

  • Meeri26

    heeeey! IS THAT TRUE?
    Is Miley going to come to ARGENTINAA!!!!?? Pleeeeeeaaaaaaseee answeeer :D
    Lovee u :)

  • DuffCyrusLover

    I think Miley should consider visiting countries that she never visited before. Like Brazil!!! C’mon, everybody knows that Brazil is begging for Miley since 2009. Please Miley, we need you here :(

  • DuffCyrusLover

    By the way, I think Miley should also visit another countries in South America.

  • nazaret.

    The River Plate show is fake. I’m from Argentina and she don’t come here :(

  • Anonymous

    Ahh, that’s my last day of school (:


  • Macarena

    In Argentina? I’m from Argentina and here they never said anything about Miley to come.

  • HeyLaau

    Hope can be true. I really love her- obviously I want her here, it’s my dream.

    #MileyinArgentina or a Mistake?

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  • Anonymous

    i want to ear..

  • Roro xox

    yeah shes coming to spain!
    to bad i live in the stupid canary islans:(
    miley ftw!

  • Anonymous

    Never thought i’d say this but…. I’m freaking first!!!!! So she’s not thinking about coming to latinamerica right?

  • mfan

    I think the Cowboys Stadium date is a scam. I haven’t heard anything about it, and neither has ticketmaster. Nothing on the Cowboys Stadium website either. Neither is Miley going to Argentina that I know of. Just Spain.

  • Hilary

    YAY =)
    i want her to come to Italy.

  • K.F.D.M.S lover

    cant wait

  • Anonymous

    We?Miley is a TT WOOT WOOT sorry just had to mention it =] <3