Tis eating ice cream with her boyfriend in Malibu on Saturday. Fame, WENN.

  • Anonymous

    this chick loves posing for the paps. she goes out of her way to make sure they get pics of her. that’s what people who are desperate to be famous do. better she try and be recognized for her work. yeah, right!!!! a disney cartoon, a cheerleader tv show and a sharpay movie.

  • _liesyoutold

    jk, jk. Ash & Miley are two lucky gals.

  • Mileyfan4eva

    he should be liams brother, not chris. it would be funny if they double dated and took home the wrong guy. good thing is both couples are cute. ?

  • jessiedd

    I love ashley, she does not afraid to eat ice cream etc :) and Scott is more handsome than Liam, haha.

  • maya

    wow i though i was da only one who thought that!!
    he clearly looks like liam scary!
    anyway Gorgeous!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ashley is really small haha but they are really cute! and he does look like liam!! i was like omg! haha

  • cyrussprousefan

    they’re so adorable and cute xD <3
    perfect couple

  • Anonymous

    He looks JUST like Liam, woah.

  • latin america?

    The only reason im writing this is because is late, i dont want to do mi homework , and im bored, and olso i know that provably no one is gonna read this, so i dont know im just waisting time. ok im going now , love to everibody, and before you say something stupid, yes, i do know my english is really bad, ???JB

  • me again(latin girl)

    the interrogation sings are heaths. M????xoxo

  • Anonymous

    yum(: haha

  • Anonymous

    they`re amazing.
    So cute.
    Ashley eats a lot but still stays fit.
    Haha love her.

  • Anonymous

    her boyfriend looks a lot like liam!

  • Anonymous

    It’s like a dad taking his daughter out for ice cream! xD

    And Scott is not huge! It’s just that Ashley is REALLY small. :)

  • PaaperPlanes

    They are cute.

  • mileyluver15

    Anonymous said:

    they`re amazing.
    So cute.
    Ashley eats a lot but still stays fit.
    Haha love her.

    she doesnt eat alot…if u notice she only gets ice cream like once a week thats not alot.

  • Someone

    That guy is massive, compared to Ashley. IT’S SCARY how much he looks like Liam!

  • teardrop

    She is so tiny! But she looks amazing :)

  • Hangover

    So cute<3