Lea Michele THE CLIMB Miley On Glee

  • Belle

    YES!!!! reactions are priceless. I wasn’t prepared for this song to be the song where she loses her voice. I thought it was gonna be an amazing ballad that Lea Michele does but I thought wrong! I’m so psyched for this episode! Hopefully at the end of it she belts it like we all know she can!

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO @ Brittany. Omg. I love Glee!

  • kyoisorange

    omg their faces

  • Anonymous

    She sound better than the original. KIDDING! LAWL.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    TSLove said:
    In a fews year this might happend to Demi.Demi has a great voice but she belts it alot.I’m NOT hating on Demi right now.


    I completely agree. Hopefully Demi is managing her voice well :)

  • Anonymous

    Danger-ous said:

    Damn. HAHAHA.

    Ikr? I bet Joe is loving this since he loves Miley and this songg. RME

  • Anonymous

    lol so many Miley haters, the minority in the real world. Let me guess each one of you is overweight, has bad hair and never had a date. Sigh. Love you Miley and The Climb was your first adult Billboard crossover selling millions as usual. The majority loves Miles. BAM!

  • BAMF Princess

    awful show but better than original

  • Anonymous

    Finally Oceanup posted something Glee related now the site looks better. Looks bearable for me to look at.

  • Anonymous

    lol you pathetic haterz. Just cuz you are ugly and never had a date you hate on the most popular girl in the world. The Climb, Miley’s big billboard adult hit selling millions. Hmm millions people love Miley. As Joe Jonas said, “My fav Miley song is The Climb.” So should we listen to you pathetic losers on OU or the World and Joe. LOL!!!

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich


  • Anonymous

    So BAD!

  • iMystified

    Nice one Glee…just ruin the show with songs by Disney kids!

  • iMystified

    But Lea still sang it better then Miley XD

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s funny how she chose a Miley Cyrus song to sing badly to.

  • iloveyouux


  • NikBubz

    she has some mighty eyebrows :]

  • Hilary

    lmao i love glee

  • Shion

    Brittany is feeling it xD

  • Anonymous

    what the hell? this is so late it’s been out for like a 2 days already. Oceanup please be faster. Glee spoilers are available in a snap at http://www.spoilertv.com || And stop saying lea sang it better okay? cause the jokes getting so old :| and miley sang it fine. everyone knows lea sings a million times better so relax okay?

  • TSLove

    In a fews year this might happend to Demi.Demi has a great voice but she belts it alot.I’m NOT hating on Demi right now.

  • Anonymous


  • Marissa

    Sounds like Miley to me.

  • Anonymous

    it would be mileys song she sucks at…;\

  • MaryMary

    Anonymous said:
    she still sang better than Miley.

    > Hahahaha i agree !

  • HeatherJBxoxo

    Miley ruined Rachel. What a bitch!
    Lol at Brittany loving it though.

  • HeatherJBxoxo

    I love your icon. Dianna is so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha i love how the song is miley that her voice is messed up on!!! LOVE GLEE!!!

  • Wow

    Well the whole plot of this episode was her losing her voice..so of course it was going to sound bad. And all those miley fans…That girl can’t sing, just because people like her songsdoesnt mean that its good, its rubbish. The only reason why she is famous is because of hack of a dad. I can’t wait for her to go down the same path as lindsey because she is annoying as fuck. Then she doesnt make sense, she dissed glee by saying it wasn’t “realistic” and she said she cant stand musicals….lets think about this her show is so realistic! its a teenager whos only disguise is a wig…yeah…no one would have figured that out AND she is able to travel the world and get back home and go to school..bullshit. How can she not stand musicals when she shit bricks when she had a cameo on high school MUSICAL..fucking retard.

  • gleek

    yay! GLEE! I love this show.. POST MORE GLEE OCEANUP!!!

  • Anonymous

    wow Miley sounds great!!

  • Anonymous

    this is really funny. haha. i ? Miley and GLEE!!!

  • Anonymous

    the insults in this thread by the people defending miley sound very elementary.

    read a book, children.
    you illiterate bunch of little girls who worship at miley’s feet are going to be just like her.

    a nasty whore.


    the fucking disney kids will never have the talent any of the glee kids have.
    better yet, the disney kids will never be taken seriously. ever.

    suck on that.

  • imaGLEEK

    OU, we need more Glee!!I can’t wait for this episode!!!

  • Rachel

    I can’t wait for this episode! LOL at Brittany being the only won enjoying it!

  • Anonymous

    The people who are defending miley in this thread are probably a bunch of prepubescent girls who worship at the whore’s feet.

    if anybody was able to figure out the joke, rachel was supposed to sing the song badly, because that’s how it is basically sung by the slutfaced bitch.

    just sayin’.

    Glee > Disney whore
    Glee > All the untalented disney kids you guys adore.

    Wake up and listen to some real talent for a change, kids.
    And Oceanup, please don’t add Glee onto your website.
    Glee shouldn’t be mixed with a bunch of untalented, teenie bopper disney trash.

    please and thank you.

  • Gleek

    I love this but I kind of wish that she would’ve sung the song properly. Lea would’ve knocked it out of the park.
    Finn’s reaction was hilarious <3
    Oceanup needs to post more Glee stuff!!

  • Fiona


  • duffster

    I thought Glee was making history with the song but it turns out to be a parody!!!

    thank god!!!

    still have chance for a duff song to be put in the mix to be better

  • Anonymous

    Yay oceanup… We need more glee articles…. Episode looks awesome can’t wait

  • Anonymous

    hey she sang it just like miley! shes amazing! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    cant wait to see this!

  • StarLightSTARbright

    Glee = love.
    I CANNOT wait for this ep.

  • Anonymous

    I love Miley. Obviously I’m not fat, ugly or dateless. If you are a Miley fan you got it goin on. Sorry non Miles fans you make it so easy…we know you are a hater cuz you have nothing going for you. Do a work out program, shave your mustaches and maybe you’ll get a date and stop your hate. Mwwwwahahahahahah

  • Anonymous

    Liam Hemsworth, Underwear model, singer, actors fall for Miley. She breaks their hearts. What is it that they love about her?! Is she mean to be a heartbreaker? How come Taylor Swift and Selly get dumped all the time but not Miley. So confused :/

  • Gleekedout

    Oh Brittany. And Other Asain looks confuse and unamused. Lea is still 10000000000000 times better than Miley when sucking.

    OU you reallllllyyyyy need to post more Glee stuff (:

  • Deluminator

    It must have been quite a challenge for Lea to sound bad like that. I just found it hilarious that they chose this song for her to suck at :P. The reactions were priceless, can’t wait for this episode.

  • Anonymous

    I LOL’d at this video. x)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    better than

  • *Hayley*

    I love GLEE but what is up with her voice now?? It’s all messed up. Or is tht a old episode?????

  • Anonymous

    lol really geekedoubt? I doubt that and so does the bank where Miley’s billions of dollars are from all her musical earnings. Earnings of glee chick for cd and concert sales, oops, forgot there is no money cuz she has nothing. The chick from glee sounded more like Selena. Since you are a Sel fan and hate Miley we can all guess why you chose the biggest star in the world to hate on. Try again ;)

  • Gleekedout

    I actually like Miley thank you very much. But Lea can out sing her any day

  • Anonymous

    Love the cheerleading coach on Glee lmao. But Lea really can’t sing that great, her MADONNA sucked and she wasn’t spose to have throat probs in that episode. She is boring and sounds the same on everything.

  • Mayra.

    I love Glee and I love Miley!!!!

  • Mayra.

    Omg I love Brittany

  • EmmaJ96

    Hahahahaha! True. :)

  • Anonymous

    she still sang better than Miley.

  • Danger-ous

    Damn. HAHAHA.


    so funny, i love glee

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  • musiciseverything

    Glee is the shit. Enough said.

  • Chococatx3

    lol. Atleast britney’s enjoying it :)

  • Anonymous

    Still better than Miley!

  • Anonymous

    Haha can’t wait for this!

  • LaLaLaLand

    wow who every said she still sang it better than Miley is clearly 100% jealous of Miley, i mean dont make so obvious that ur jealous common sense

  • Roro xox


  • Anonymous

    Oceanup just got better, theyy posted Glee !
    Haha, and its preety pathetic to hate on lea or miley because its not like they can do any betterr.