Taylor Swift THE BEST DAY For Mom

In Moline, Alabama. Thx Maya!

  • Megan

    Favorite TaySwift Song.

  • Anonymous

    Moline is in Illinois, not Alabama. Just fyi.

  • KayyLeEv


  • Anonymous

    Its Illinois

  • Megan

    Moline ILLINOIS.

  • Anonymous


  • Naiana

    I was there!!! It was perfect :DDD
    And it’s in Illinois nor Alabama!

  • Anonymous

    How can someone hate her?! She is the cutest thing ever.
    “I know you were on my side, even when I got the words wro-o-ong!”
    She messed up th lyrics at 1.24 lol i love her little laugh :DDD

  • Anonymous

    taylors so sweet i love this song :)


    This is why i love taylor. <3

  • kkk

    I love the lyrics to this song

  • TSLove

    That was really emotional for me to watch.I can relate to the part about her friends being mean and how her mom used to cheer her up thats what my mom did.My mom was my best friend but thats changing.Has been since wednesday.But now my daddy is making me stronger.My older sister too.And last night my dad got a call from my aunt saying my grandma (his mom) had an heart attack.

  • oo

    omg she is so sweet!

  • StarLightSTARbright

    Awww :)))

  • Naiana

    Ops! *not Alabama

  • sexykath123

    Taylor is really really awesomely cute she’s the best singer i have ever known. .
    well taylor all that i can say is keep up the good work always smile and

  • Anonymous

    its in moline, ILLINOIS

  • XsparksflyX

    hahahaha, I LOVE this girl!

  • SunLight Princess

    I love this song, but I hate how she performed it..

  • Anonymous


  • Hilary

    She’s so cute =)

  • Anonymous

    It’s Illinois, not Alabama. Just fyi.

  • Anonymous

    So nice i love Swifty!

  • Anonymous

    haha it’s Moline, Il OU

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  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Aww sweet (:

  • musiciseverything

    Aw. That’s adorable.