Ashley Greene Breaking Dawn HOLDOUT


Ashley Greene making her way into popular eatery Sushi Dan in Studio City on Tuesday afternoon. Ashley & Twilight costar Kellan Lutz are said to be upset with their offers for Breaking Dawn and are holding out for more money. Fame.

  • liam


    that franchise has made s SHITLOAD of money they cant be greedy shoot DO YO THANG GIRL GET YOUR MONEY!

  • liam


    that franchise has made s SH!TLOAD of money they cant be greedy shoot DO YO THANG GIRL GET YOUR MONEY!

  • liam

    its not about her being greedy its about her not letting the movie producers be greedy because that franchise has made fking digits of money and what they are paying them is probably dust compared to what they are making so its good that shes holding out for money


  • Anonymous

    $4 MILLION for what?! Two lines? I don’t think so.

  • Anonymous

    $ 4 MILLION for what? Two Lines?! I don’t think so.

  • Anonymous

    haha thats so smart :) id do that too. lets face it, everyone would do that. they need you so why wouldnt you ask for more money. they cant replace her x)

  • Alexandra

    That’s no way !

  • 2bad

    Yeah she can hold out for more money but the thing is if they don’t want to pay her they could consider replacing her just like they replaced the old Victoria.

  • idgaf

    haha great replace this bitch

  • ou sucks dick

    i hate you oceanup

  • Sweetdisposition?

    They better not hold out…Ashley deserves a raise since she is the one besides the trio that gets the most screen time…summit is such a shitty and cheap film company.

  • Loverly Day

    Gahh… that’s not nice. But, she’ll get what she wants because who’s gonna see the movie if there are different actors?
    but blahhh is right Super Selfish

  • iMystified



  • -Katee<3

    She’s awesome:) and so pretty<3

  • blahhh

    Seriously? I’m sure they have six figure, if not 7 figure salaries being offered to them for it. Talk about greedy, they’re earning MUCH more than other kids their age who are either still in college, fresh out of college, or have no higher education. They should consider their selves lucky that they are finding success in such a career where they can earn so much.

  • Anonymous

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  • A Taste of Honey

    she’s so pretty. but wtf at her holding out

  • whatsernamegigi

    They better not hold out. Breaking Dawn can’t NOT be made into a movie. You can’t do the whole series and then NOT the last book.

  • Anonymous

    bitch fuck off they only care about money. smh

  • Anonymous

    b*itch f*uck off its always about money. smh

  • monster