Jonas Living The Dream 2 Out Of Control

About Nick being sick in Switzerland, but it’s in Spanish. Thx @_itsrebecca!

UPDATE: New episode under!

  • Anonymous

    here u can find another episode of ltd2 “My other big dream” about joe’s passion for acting check it out

  • steph90peace

    Nick is sick. His throat hurts and he has been coughing a lot. He doesn’t want to cancel the show. He is going to the doctor. Kevin and Joe love him and he talked about how he can’t control his body :D . The doctor asked him not to sing. After resting for a few days he felt much better and was able to sing with his brothers!! yayy! Happy ending

  • superJOEman

    Poor baby..but I love his Brazil jersey!!! It was like a super brother moment when Joe & Kevin came in on Nick’s room while eating. They felt very pity on their younger brother..

  • Anonymous

    OMJ! Poor nick he was so sad, i speak spanish so no problem with the video.
    Love the jonas brothers (L

  • superJOEman

    Joe looks super cute while wearing an ear phone!! And he still look sooo handsome while wearing that red mask! I love his acting!! hahahahahaha

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    not gonna lie. i laughed so hard ’cause i didn’t understand a word they dubbed. not making fun of them though, more like. i’m making fun of myself for acting like i understand completely what they’re saying… can’t wait for the english version… :)

    … sucks being me since i never get to watch this here in the Philippines. :( it’s either they preview it REALLY late or like, never at all… sooo… THANK YOU OceanUp… or YouTube! :))

    PS– sorry for that. don’t mind me. please.

  • -Hibz-

    Me no comprendo! Ha.

  • JonasOwnsHeartsForEver

    Love Nick’s Brazil jersey, haha <3

    Poor Nick :(
    Joe and Kevin are awesome brothers.
    there’s a part where joe says to nick
    something like “you can’t control things like this, they just happen” I think it
    was the cutest part.

  • florencia

    jaja, sufran las que hablan ingles y no entienden nada!, sientan lo que a veces sentimos nosotras u.u
    Por cierto, pobre nick :(

  • Anonymous

    Poor Nick…they dubbed over his voice with some narrator but you can get the picture. I’ll wait to see it this Sunday when it comes out in English.

    I picked up a few words. He mentions his throat…but Joe and Kevin said in a Disney interview recently that when he first woke up in Switzerland that he had absolutely NO VOICE left. He had sang the previous night, while he was sick, in Turin (or Torino) Italy. He mentioned during A Little Bit Longer that night that he was “under the weather”. They cancelled in Zurich and then he had two days to rest up before they performed in Bilboa, Spain. In later interviews…even days later, you can see and hear him coughing.

    I’m diabetic, and the other hard thing when you are sick is controlling your blood sugar. It usally runs high when you are sick so you have to test more often.



    Nick <3

  • Anonymous

    If you understand Spanish please translate it for the rest of us:)

  • crazylady

    why it gotta be in Spanish?

    couldn’t it be in le Francais at least? I’m a bit rusty but at least I know some

    when’s the English version coming out?

  • Anonymous<3.

    aw poor nick:/ I love him<3

  • Camillou

    Aha, Nick looks like a terrorist at 3:51 :D

  • yajaira

    i understand this video because I talk in spanish :D poor nick … i love them <3

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous

    they are awesomeeeeee

  • Anonymous

    POOR NICK :/

  • HananJonas

    they’re so hot. <3

  • Anonymous


  • - Blair Waldorf -

    Me wanna go to Switzerland.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t see the video :( Booooo.

  • Anonymous

    Huh?!! since I don’t understand a word they say .. I decided to make my own dialogue ..try it it’s fun !!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone have the English version? Thanks.