Juley <3

  • MeenuD

    He’s okay, but not a huge fan of Bustin Jieber. I like his songs though, they are amazing man.

  • Hilary

    Bieber Fever!

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  • luvEVANA

    i think their going to do a duet
    its not A DATE because miley is with liam.

  • leLIVREinterdit

    wth is juley?
    anyways, justin <3

  • Anonymous

    I love how Justin is now bigger than all three of the Jonas Brothers combined.

  • K.F.D.M.S lover

    hate the hair cut
    love hes songs thaght

  • musiciseverything

    Oh shit. My Bieber fever is back….. I’m back to loving this kid.

  • cris

    Can someone write what he says when after all people are laughing??…I don’t understand what he says…so please..write it :(

    Thanks :)

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Juley <3

    Ohh OU :’)

  • Sweetdisposition?

    I love this kid:D Somebody better put this episode on youtube asap!