Check out the new apparel @ Wal-Mart from just $4!

  • Anonymous

    $4 and walmart = made in sweatshops

  • Anonymous

    $4 and walmart = made in sweatshops

  • xdpunkie

    Plaid has been around way before this. Nice originality, Miley.

    There is nothing special about this line and the stupid stans on here are obsessing over it.
    Get lies, why dont cha?

  • wieahlbie

    can’t there be wallmart in europe? i only know woolworth and it sucks. (is this even comparable?)

  • jewnasbrothers

    I love her clothing line. :) I don’t wear it but I love how affordable it is. Not many people can afford the latest fashion these days, but that’s where Thrift Stores come in handy.

  • Anonymous101

    There’s always this Anonymous person who takes his/her time CONTINUOUSLY saying hateful stuff about Miley lately.

  • Anonymous

    I bet she gave him a lap dance too.

    You know that’s funny.

  • xCyrusBieber

    I can’t wait.
    I love her clothing line.
    I have alot of her clothes and really… this is awesome.
    I need more of that clothing line hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    wow UGLY

  • Anonymous

    cute love it better then selena shit

  • StarLightSTARbright

    SUPER excited <3

  • island.B

    Coolness :)

  • Anonymous

    what is there to love about this line? you could find the same stuff in like … pacsun or something. and the quality is pretty “cheap”

    so why are people jizzing themselves over it?

    nothing seems to be groundbreaking or fashion shocking. and everything you can find somewhere else extremely similar so ….?

    is the purpose of this line just to add miley’s name to something else. or provide cheap clothes to people who shop at wallamart for clothing?

  • Anonymous

    go be emo and cut yourself cuz no one cares what you got to SAY!

  • Anonymous

    Her stuff is cute

  • jessiedd

    aw miley and max azria are great duo :D their design are adoable.

  • Mareike

    it’s really cute, looks like I’m gonna have to go to wal-mart lol

  • Kisses from Hollywood

    I would love that <3

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  • Anonymous


  • Hilary

    Love it =)