Shane Harper NATURALLY Selena Cover

  • imsocool

    He’s sooo cute :)
    How old is he? ;)

  • imsocool

    He’s sooo cute :)
    How old is he? ;)

  • kyansgirl45

    His voice is kind of shakey but he’s SUPER cute. IT EVENS OUT! :}

  • GimminyCrickets7

    I loved it adorable.

  • Kelly H.

    I’ve always had faith in my boy Shane! Hes super talented in every way. Hes the sweetest person ever.. One day EVERYONE will know who he is.. Just write what im saying down because its true. Hes going far in life with all is amazing talents.
    <3 God Bless & Much Love,

  • heidi

    I love this song!!! my jam we love you sel!!! by the way nice job

  • thecolordecays.

    When I was listening to this, I was singing along…I LOVE this song!

  • Lalaland

    OMG OMG he’s so awesome!!! he should be the next big star

  • Anonymous

    he is hot but he isnt a very good singer

  • Anonymous

    In the chorus he looks like Zac Efron’s voice :O

  • Anonymous

    i love shaneee haarrpeerr <33333

  • Lizzy

    I HEART SHANE HARPER!! he is so hot! =)
    and he has such a good voice..

  • Anonymous

    he followed me on twitter :)

  • Anonymous

    EWWW he shouldve covered a better song by a real artist! not that untalented ugly girl.

  • Anonymous

    Better. Than. The. Original.

  • Anonymous
  • Stargazer

    WOW! He sounds really good…and looks really good too. What’s his twitter account and how old is he?

  • Anonymous

    Omg!! i love it!!!
    so cute!!
    i want this version :)

  • Anonymous

    eh hes not a great singer hes alright on guitar

  • Banz

    almost didnt recognize him from good luck charlie :) HE IS SOO GOOD!

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  • selenaishot

    fiiiirst. for the first time i am commenting..uhuh
    em.. i think he is good:) lovely voice. and guitar is always good..:)
    and he’s cute too

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh HE’S SOOO GOOD! I love that version <3

  • Anonymous

    Much better than Selena although thats not difficult.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yeahhh hes good!!!

  • -Hibz-


    Awesome voice.

  • island.B

    im at school so i cant watch it but the 4 comments say hes good so good job Shane Harper :)