Wonder Girls Album Launch Demi & Jonas

  • thecolordecays.

    Did that one guy say ‘nobody knew who the Wonder Girls were’?

  • Anonymous

    Rain = Beautiful. I wish he was more popular in the U.S. :]
    I loveddd ‘Full House’ if anyone is ever bored and has a lot of time to kill. You should totally google and watch it online. It’s so hilarious and cute.

  • thecolordecays.

    They’re always cutting Kevin off!
    Except in that new tour promo video…finally Joe got cut off!

  • Anonymous

    crystal kay wa sugoii yo

  • Anonymous

    Haha forget friggen Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, ahh Rain and Crystal Kay<3
    Rain is looking fabulous<33

  • Christina

    <3<3 love wonder girls

  • ME

    Nick Always Adorable Even he didnt say anything :))

    I Want Nobody Nobody But You …. << I LOve this song ..Cant wait for the New Album of Wonder Girls XD

  • lalalalea

    KEVIN <3

  • lalalalea

    i hate the guy who cut the video when kevin started to say something

  • Anonymous

    Joe please be quiet. We don’t need to hear from you anymore. Let Nick and Kevin talk too. Their English is better and they are more sincere.

  • Anonymous

    Rain is freakin’ gorgeous <3

  • Anonymous

    AAAHHH!!!! RAIN OPPA!!!! omg <3<3<3<3!!!! haha love you!!!

  • Fiona

    congrats on your new album WG
    Love them

  • Anonymous


  • DaniWonder

    Rain is so cute he’s perfect a singer, dancer and ninja assassin <3

  • pop

    Demi is soo CUTE ..I Love her!

  • rose

    Ohh Yeahh I remember Wonder Girls ! .. They were a guest on Jonas tour last year
    Ohh Congrats to them for the Album !

  • superJOEman

    Whoa!! Rain on OU!!! Cool!! Asians are really dominating OU now!!!

  • Wonderfuls

    Joe is HOT !!!!!!

    Congrats to Wonder Girls ..
    ‘2 Different tears’ Sound AWESOME!!!

  • WF

    Joe is HOT !! Nick is ..OMG !! So Hot

    n Congrats to Wonder Girls
    ‘2 Different Tears’ Sound AWESOME !!

  • WOW

    Joe is HOT !! Nick is ..OMG !! So Hot

    n Congrats to Wonder Girls
    ‘2 Different Tears’ Sound AWESOME !!

  • YES

    Watch this If U Guys dont know who is Wonder Girls
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BA7fdSkp8ds Nobody Single Peak @ 76 Billboard Hot 100

  • Hi

    Wonder Girls Performance almost 25 millions views on Youtube
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFjP-OJ7Bh4&feature=related So AWESOME !!!