• ke$ha

    you guys r a peace of boulchet


    Kesha not even know how to imitate, Miley ta PERFECT beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, sorry Kesha more you will never be like her, ok

  • Anonymous

    I hate miley cyrus but she pulled it off better then Ke$ha.

  • Anonymous

    Miley pulled it off WAYY better. Kesha looks like she belongs to an indian tribe. Plus I don’t like her music…so..Miley all the way! Haha.

  • :D

    I’m pretty sure Ke$ha doesn’t even wanna be like miley so stfu.
    Not even hating on Miley, they’re just completely different…
    Some Miley fans are just so retarded, thinking everyone loves miley and just want to be her. Just shut up, you make yourself seem stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Kesha who?
    Not. Not.

  • Anonymous

    Er.. Miley no doubt!
    FOLLOW ME: http://www.twitter.com/xJadoreMiley

  • Anonymous

    well Ke$ha’s a lot more covered up than miley so I’d call miley the whore…
    But whatever Ke$ha does look odd and miley looks a lot better..

  • Anonymous

    Lmfao there’s no way u can compare Cyrus ftw <3

  • musiciseverything

    Ke$ha was such a mess on American Idol that night. I swear she was drunk. Miley wins.

  • Disdain

    I love Ke$ha but Miley wins :)

  • carbomb__

    Kesha’s looks cheaper..

  • Anonymous

    Miley looks like a goddess

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    I hate Ke$ha and Miley looks better.

    Btw I changed my icon :D

  • harrypotterbitches

    miley duh

  • wtfbecca

    ke$ha looks like a cheap whore, so definately miley :)

  • K.F.D.M.S lover

    miley for sure
    come on you cant even campier them

  • -Hibz-

    May 15, 2010 @ 08:50 am
    musiciseverything said:
    Ke$ha was such a mess on American Idol that night. I swear she was drunk. Miley wins.
    She was horrible :/

    I was gonna vote for Miley but idk. Didn’t vote for either haha.

  • Hilary


  • harrypotterbitches

    Beautiful.Dirty.Rich said:

    I hate Ke$ha and Miley looks better.

    Btw I changed my icon :D

    aww vanessa looks so pretty :)

  • Livia,

    Miley, She is more better than Kesha (:

  • RiseAboveTheStorm

    miley hands down. kesha terrible.

  • dont jugde

    My girl got that one :)

  • LoveBryony

    Miley deffo. The bird outfit pwns. sorry hunny!

  • lalalalea


  • LoveBryony

    do you know how many times i had to try and post that?! I WAS NOT SPAMMING OCEANUP! It doesn’t like the word peac*ck apparently. BTW i’m new :)

  • Anonymous

    Miley. Butt Ke$ha’s better than hurr. Miley pisses me off. But I love both of them.

  • Anonymous

    Miley. Butt Ke$ha’s better than hurr. Miley pisses me off. But I love both of them.

  • Anonymous

    Love Kesha! “Tik Tok” reminds me so much of Sariah’s “Deep N Luv”. Just so funnnnn!

  • ke$ha

    u guys r a peace of dam boulshet dam you guys r …u no taste exept u melam1 your my biggist fan

  • Rafaela

    Prefiro Miley~~
    Ela ée demais!?

  • riquerix

    surely my Miley:)

  • MaryMary

    I love how everyone voted because they “soooo love Destiny Hope ajkzndkjz”. You should vote for the person’s clothes, not for their faces (and Cyrus’ is ugly, just sayin).

    I love Ke$ha’s idea of Indian’s costume, it’s better than the bird idea.

    GO KEcashA <3

  • PachulinaBieber

    i love miley, and kesha looks cheap.
    no no no please, no comparation.


  • Anonymous

    Miley !!!! :-)

  • Anonymous

    i think Ke$ha, because it’s too body hugging on miley. she looks so…er… nevermind
    on Ke$ha it may be awkward but i prefer awkward to sexualized.

  • Anonymous

    KESHA, miley’s is too body hugging and sexualized. Kesha’s may be a bit awkward but i prefer that to sexualized. adn the indian outfit’s better than the bird idea :|

  • Rosa

    Kesha is an idiot and her style doesn’t match her crappy music at all.
    Miley’s style actually matches her music theme (birds/”can’t be tamed”) and therefore I’m voting Miley. But I don’t like either one of them…

  • Gabriela T.

    Miley…. concerteza!

  • GH


  • rafaela

    claro que é a miley cyrus ela esta linda,sou do brasil

  • Anonymous

    miley *—-*

  • pachulinadreamer

    ive got an account now ! happy:D
    i want to say that miley yes she doesnt have underwear but she’s not moving, she is just there . and kesha is wearing underwear because she is on stage ,live, and she is dancing. just that
    and im not a kesha hater, in fact, i love tik tok!

  • Anonymous

    i rellay like kesha, but miley rocked out

  • Fiona

    Miley. Love the feathers.

  • PaaperPlanes

    I don’t think you can compare them..

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  • Marihuana

    Miley, for shure. Ke$ha sucks asses. Sorry.

  • melam1

    kay girl you suck asses cuz miley looks like a dead bird

  • Anonymous

    where did kesha wear that?

  • Anonymous


  • cherryrad23

    MILEY!! (L) :D

  • Anonymous

    when did ke$ha wear that ?!
    buuut, i like miley’s feathers better. (:

  • Miley

    Ofcourse I Looked better!



  • Anonymous

    ur not miley lol

  • Ash


    what is miley cyrus the queen of sluts now?
    yup I think so and u ppl worship
    her for it… do u worship sluts at ur school

  • Anonymous

    miley wear it better

  • Hangover

    Miley looks amazing<3

  • Richard

    Looks like the haters are getting outvoted.

  • Leena

    Miley for SURE(: I love her outfit, its so exotic and pretty:D

  • FirstKiss<3

    Only Because I Love Those Indian Tribe Head Suits :D
    I Have Like 6. Haa

  • Tik Tok

    LOVE Ke$ha, but the dress itself looks pretty ugly. and miley looks a little slutty because she has no bra and probably no underwear on. yes, im a hater

  • Anonymous