Chelsea @ Shrek Forever After premiere @ Gibson Ampitheater Universal City.

  • juuliet

    Is there any celebrity that doesn’t have haters?
    She’s SO sweet and beautiful.

  • AnonymousGirl

    Hahahahahahahaha so true. No class AT ALL.

  • Ragwiid
  • thecolordecays.

    Why would they make yet another “Shrek” movie?! SMH

  • Anonymous

    May 16, 2010 @ 07:52 pm Anonymous said:

    hate this bitch. she’s a terrible actress. A terrible role model. She looks terrible. And she’s not fooling anyone with her disgusting eating disorder. she’s foul.

    LOL. You just said everything I wanted to.

  • Fiona

    I think she looks nice. It’s better than the young hollywood awards..

  • Anonymous

    Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Yes Chelsea Staub you are GROSSSS.

  • Kristen

    don’t worry chelsea. you always look incredibly pretty and this is just a group of jealous haters on tonight. and you are one of the best actresses around so ignore them.

  • Anonymous

    Lol haha. Thank god I’m not the only one who doesn’t like her and thinks she looks disgusting. Hahaha.

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  • harmanl
  • Anonymous

    lol this chick has the MOST haters. Hahaha do everyone a favour chelsea and just quit. You’d be doing yourself a favour aswell. The world would be a better place.

  • TurkishVideos
  • cori

    i saw her at the grove at the jb concert and she is soooo nice and soooo pretty!! she and nicole were rocking out haha

  • Chris

    Video of her at the premiere today:

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This girl has NO class.

  • Anonymous

    Ewwy. She’s looking worse and worse.

  • Anonymous

    wow so many haters. the girl seems sweet, what’s the hate about?

  • Anonymous

    Her chins weird :\

  • kissandtell

    Hahahaha must suck for her. Having such a beautiful best friend and her being disgusting and all. No wonder she’s got an eating disorder.

  • secretlifefan

    Ohh chelsea what have you done to yourself!!! you were so pretty. Stop trying to look hot. Its not working. At all. Go back to your old look, you were goreous. Your bordering on looking feral.

  • Anonymous

    geeze she’s just one of those people I wanna slap. Or you know kick in the face. Might be an improvement for her ;)

  • Anonymous

    Not looking to good lately chels :S


    may the good lord have mercy on your face chelsea staub.

  • Anonymous

    gosh this post is so funny hahahaha. she IS ugly. lol.

  • Anonymous

    hate this bitch. she’s a terrible actress. A terrible role model. She looks terrible. And she’s not fooling anyone with her disgusting eating disorder. she’s foul.

  • heidi

    i love her dress. she has such a great sense of style. shes always smiling and friendly.

  • pbphxj

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  • alexanderlys
  • BigNigger
  • Anonymous

    whats to hate about her?? well to begin with she has an eating disorder. second, she cheated on Brian Dales from The Summer Set. They were dating for like a year and a half and Brian wrote this really cute song for her called,”Chelsea” and they shot the music video….the next day she cheated on him with this dude named jacob from the band The Record Life. i can never look at her the same way now. Brian loved her soo much and always talked about how much she meant to him, then she cheated on him with his friend. Probably the bitchiest move ever. i have 0 repect for her now. :/

  • wereone

    Damn straight. She’s a little hoe.

  • finderskeepers.

    Have to change the channel whenever she comes on. She’s vom worthy. So’s debby ryan. Debby’s annoying. And chelsea is just too trampy looking. Everything about her is like what the person above said, cheap. She ALWAYS looks cheap! Her friend nicole is cute though.

  • Anonymous

    lol her chin and face and hair

  • harrypotterbitches

    i’m gonna watch the movie

  • amaagnum
  • Anonymous

    doesn’t look too good

  • Anonymous

    anything after the first was awful

  • maartsvenson

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  • ET

    Love Her

  • AnonymousJ

    What the hell are you people on about?! You must be the size of whales if you think she’s got an eating disorder! She’s normal sized, not skinny! But she has got one weird face…weird chin and fat cheeks. But the rest of her looks nice. :)

  • DemiJoBroFan

    I don’t know but there’s something about her that I don’t like… I mean she’s a nice girl and everything, but… I don’t know maybe it’s just me. :/

  • qulnow

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  • Ahsh1tbinh
  • Anonymous

    better then the young hollywood awards

  • Aya

    you look gorgeous chelsea!!!

  • hate her

    She used to be kinda pretty like girl next door kind of look, she looks disgusting now.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I used to be such a big fan of hers like in minutemen and when JONAS first started but she always had that cheap trampy look but it was subtle now she just looks obviously cheap and she’s repulsive.

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  • MileyIsBestest

    I can’t wait to see that mooovie!!

  • marimadness

    wow i dnt like her much either ppl but you should just CHILL. Okay. She is a little too thin. He face does look better tho. But i dnt like how shes trying to dress like an older person. Thats it i dont need to ramble on. But you dnt have to bash her (tho i just kinda did) shes gonna be an actress whether we like it or not. Unless no on casts her. Til then chill out a lil bit. Dnt like her much still. :/

  • Anonymous

    Actually she does have an eating disorder. Although she isn’t scary skinny, she does have body issues and is suffering from bulemia. If you get photos of her from 2008, 2009 and present you’ll see. A bulemia expert was actually interviewed about her and when asked ‘this girl?’ he replied with ‘by the looks of it bulemia, may be anorexia but she most definatly is suffering from an eating disorder. You can tell by the lack of muscel and the extravagant body fat loss over a short period of time. Also another sign is when they take photos of themselves with food so it ‘looks’ like their eating and in chelsea staubs case that is evident. It seems that she is infact either bulemic or anorexic but is also trying to hide that fact from the media and her fans. I can’t imagine disney being supportive of this so she’s most likely trying to keep it on the down low.’