Bella Thorne, ‘I’m Dyslexic’


New Disney actress Bella Thorne chatted with American Cheerleader about her disability. How did you overcome this disability & what advice do you have for others? For me, I read every day. I read everything, books, directions, scripts..

..cereal boxes and ingredients. Never let anyone make you think that you aren’t as good as someone else because you have a disability. Never let it stop you. How did you get the name Bella?

I was named after Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Fun fact that people may not know about you? I’m obsessed with cheerleading! My friends are cheerleaders and I wish I was one, too! I practice their cheers with them, but I’m not as good as they are. Wow, they have some real talent.

What was it like working with cutie Cody Linley ‘Forget Me Not’? Cody Linley is so cute and nice. He’s really dedicated as an actor, too. I really liked working with him. How do you juggle your career, social life and school?

I usually have sleepovers on Friday nights after dance class; go to the movies and dinners or bowling with at least 15 friends on Saturdays; and get to see some of my friends at church on Sundays, so I stay pretty busy. I have tons of schoolwork and get the chance to work with great teachers one-on-one on set, which helps a lot.

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