Justin Bieber WALKS INTO Sliding Door!


  • vanessa

    aww, poor biebs!

  • raumschiffkapitan

    aww, LOL.

  • Kathy7

    LMFAO!!!!!! EPIC!

  • Donna!!!

    Haha! That’s greatt!

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Glass door is clearly not a Belieber.

  • TSLove

    Nice.I’ve never ran into a door before :)

  • Anonymous

    ahahahahaha lol

  • Frankiee-x

    Am I the only one that’s not thinking ‘aww poor bieber’ but ‘HAHAHAHA WHAT A MORON!’?? ^-^

  • Anonymous

    steph said:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.. I would keep going but don’t wanna be annoying :P ha totally deserving.


    hahahaha agree!! :D

  • Hilary

    ahahahahahahh aww =)

  • Anonymous


  • Notion

    I saw that on TV today in Germany and I was SO laughing when I first saw it. Haha =]

  • Anonymous

    ahahahahahaha i can’t stop watchin this, it’s soooo funny LMAO

  • Anonymous

    HAhaha im thinking the same thing!!

  • Mhmmm.


  • Anonymous

    I watched it over and over and over XD
    poor him x)

  • JesziV.

    Omg, *hell. iPhone has the GAYEST spell check.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha :D

  • Anonymous

    Awww :) love him :D

  • Anonymous

    Awww :) love him :D

  • Figaro


    Glass door, I will fuck.you.up.

  • Anonymous

    hahah that was hilarious lol poor guy haha

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Awww, hahaha that was funny ;P

  • Anonymous

    hahahahaha.. wait…. i hope hes ok.. well was..!

  • steph

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.. I would keep going but don’t wanna be annoying :P ha totally deserving.

  • Carys

    Phaaaa sucker (Y)

  • vipin

    i watched it again and again after downloading it in my s60v3 phone. I love watching youtube videos on my Symbian s60v3 phone. Although it is old enough but the s60v3 application is what makes me to use it again and again.

  • emma13

    lol same thing happened to me. well not the same thing but similar. my face was like on the door and then someone crashed in and it hit the side of my face really hard.

  • Anonymous

    I Know…. for some reason it bugs me to see the one guy just rub his head and move on, it’s like “what if he was bleeding?”

  • Anonymous

    haha what a fucking doughnut !

  • Anonymous

    i like this kid a little bit more now.


    hahahha ohh biebss. this is funny !

  • blabla

    haha that was funny! I know I shouldn’t laugh…

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO! He looks like he’s going to cry! Haha I love when he looks around to see if anyone’s watching!

  • springstrawberry

    LMAO !! Yeah it can happen to everybody, see ?

  • Abby

    AHAHA! I sent this video in… Oceanup.com actually emailed back with a comment.. “LMAO!” ahahaha!! EPIC.

  • Ashley Nicole

    Omg, that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. The people around him didn’t even check to see if he was ok hahaha. At least he laughed it off.

  • Anonymous

    I find it more humorous that he can barely make the revolving door revolve. Time to lift some weights, Biebs. :)

  • Anonymous

    Lmao gaybieber.

  • laurr

    hahahaha sorry that was funny
    word to beiber fans do you see that messgae at the end of the video you guys have scared basically everyone so bad that they have to create disclaimers lol

  • Anonymous

    just when i thought he couldnt get any STUPIDER!

  • RiseAboveTheStorm

    lmfao…this made my day xD

  • JoBros

    ahhhh aww thats funny

  • _herecomestrouble.

    HAHAHAHA. aw!
    we’ve all done it before… (:

  • Anonymous

    It’s funnier!!!!
    And Justin comes to the camera and talks…so funny and cute!

  • island.B

    Haha poor Biebs but he laughed it off :)
    I love how they played it in slow motion

  • _liesyoutold

    aw let me kiss that head. my poor babe.

  • Sarah

    This is the original video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxSeCKwz-jw

    Soooo funny!
    Justin is soooo cute!!!!!
    Ahhhh can’t stop laughing.
    Ok done sorry lol

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    tomo no cu.

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3


  • TErka

    OMG!!xD poor justin

  • Fioan

    Bwhahaha i can’t stop laughing
    Was that a rotating door and then a sliding door. If so no wonder he got hurt, you don’t put the two together…


    Poor justin):

  • gkd13

    aw jus lemme kiss it and make it all better

  • Rachelle

    L O S E R!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i seriously love that kid! lol i do that all the time…

  • girl crush mileyyyyy

    ahahahhahaha! ahh his “ow!” so cute!

  • Chanells__Cool

    First he doesn’t know what Germany is, and now this.

    Someone needs to check this kids vitals! XD

  • Anonymous

    LMAO!!! What a dumbass! XD

  • girl crush mileyyyyy

    in his defense that looks like a tricky door. i would have done the same thing. ahah!

  • StarLightSTARbright

    hahahaha i was dying when i was watching this.
    he was looked adorable when he stumbled and nearly fell over when he hit the door, he hit it hard to lmao


  • Anonymous

    He is Jewman for basketball.

  • 7.05 is my 11.11

    hahah woww.
    im not a fan,
    but hes going to my friends school tonight,
    im going, hopefully there will be other performers
    lol but his musics alright i guess

  • Anonymous

    Bahahaha awee baby!
    Poor thing, lol but I have to say that was hilarious! I laugh soo much when I see people do something like that ha.


  • Anonymous

    haha…that was funny!!!!!!

  • Jeenny


  • beatrice.paal@live.se

    haha this is so cute!!<3 i love justin :) he is just like a normal teenage boy :)

  • DL

    um…it probably existed before he was born -.-

  • TayBrii__?

    My favorite video EVER!

  • xCyrusBieber

    Hahahaha aw, that happened to me too. Aw thats so funny, I laughed so hard lol. Aw poor Biebs. Love you<3

  • 7.05 is my 11.11

    Anonymous said:
    He is Jewman for basketball.

  • -Hibz-


    Oh, man. I cant laugh out loud coz I’m in class, but I keep smiling. Lmfao. So hilarious.
    It did look like it hit pretty hard though, so hopefully it didnt hurt too much.

    But oh my god. HAHAHAHAHA.

  • K.F.D.M.S lover

    it list he is ok

  • Fiona

    wonder if that “Bieber” place existed before he got famous

  • silvialey

    aww! sillyboy :D! i love him?!

  • Timber518

    Lmao! Poor thing. XP

  • silvialey

    hahahahhahaha :’D

  • Anonymous

    I KNEW IT The boy is’nt that BRIGHT. Good thing his a cutie.

  • Anonymous

    im so mean… but idc

  • Anonymous

    fail blog anyone?

  • mileyluver15

    i still dont understand how he hit his head its really weird he like goes backwards then forewards

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ the guy in the tan jacket who laughed!

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahahaha SO FUNNY! I HATE THIS GUY

  • mrs.bieber

    oh my gosh i can’t believe he ran into the door. he had to be crazy

  • superJOEman

    LMAO. He just got PWNED by that sliding door! But I think it really hurts! hahaha

  • Anonymous8


  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha i think he was soo ashamed

  • Becca.


  • GirlOverThere

    lol at the sound the door makes wen his head hiits the glass :D x

  • inwonderland

    Notion said:

    I saw that on TV today in Germany and I was SO laughing when I first saw it. Haha =]

    I saw it on tv too :D

  • dreamingALOUD

    Eeee C': that was funny.

  • DemiLenaJonas

    Aww, that’s cute. He’s cute. I love his smile.

    I have ran into doors plenty of times and all my friends would be like, “Are you okay?” And I have ran into those metal poles. But what my friends laughed at the most was when I tripped on air. Well, that’s what they claimed… Long story… Haha.

  • Anonymous


  • Gleekedout

    At least the door wasnt open. then he wouldve made a fool of himself.

    Not that ive done it before…..

  • PullTheTrigger

    -dies- im proud to say, this has never happened to me ;]

  • wieahlbie

    in the original he pints at the camera and then later asks the interviewer sth like “i dont know if uve seen it but i just ran into that door” lmao, glad i didnt have to go downtown today

  • mileyluver15

    i could watch this all day

  • Anonymous


    whata a moreon.

  • Anonymous

    you cant even spell moron,
    so you’re the moron.

  • alexis bieber

    aww my babbeyy <3 i’ll kiss your beautiful forehead :) stupid door! i love youuuu <3

  • Anonymous

    ha .. hes obviously not that smart :L

  • len4eto

    OMFG………. (rofl) :D:D:D:D:D

  • alexis bieber

    aww my babbey <3 i’ll kiss your beautiful forehead :)stupid door! i loveee you Justin <3

  • Anonymous

    Fail Blog!!!

    Did he die?

  • Justin Bieber is GAY


  • Justin Bieber is GAY


  • Danonymous Danica

    Haha! FAIL!
    Lol. Jk. Random but somewhat epic.

  • Anonymous

    lmao,that is the funniest shit xD

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahaha i can’t stop laughing! :P that was hilarious…

  • Anonymous

    hahahah i love how he still went up to the paparazzis after lol. he’s adorable.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    Justin Bieber + Sliding Glass doors = Don’t mix. LOL that was funny. Something to send my 2nd cousin. :D


  • Anonymous

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  • Bieberluva12

    FUNNIEST THING EVER!!! That was epic!! Poor Biebs…that just made him more cute XD I love the sound the door makes when he hits it :)

  • little misssunshinee

    ahahaha awwwwww.
    that was cute.
    omg i did the same thing excoet i ran into my car door..it hurt.
    anyways biebs is soo adorable!

  • gingerrx.


  • Anonymous


  • mctiqueen

    Awww omg I couldn’t help but laugh, at least he’s okay. Bb is probably run-down and not thinking clearly lmao

  • inwonderland

    hahahaha can’t stop watching this
    this happened to me last week so funny :D

  • Anonymous

    this kids crazy. dont run yourself to the door

  • ThatboyisaMONSTER

    LMFAO, we’ve all done this before, but I just think it’s hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    This is so funny!!!! It made my day! HAHAHHH

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Hahahahahahaha! Aww Justin :)

  • Anonymous

    poor boy

  • Anonymous


  • JesziV.

    Lmfao. Why the he’ll was he walking like that though? ..

    Rofl @ the guy who laughed, laughing the same way I did.

  • MiraDahl

    haha, poor Justin:P