Ashley Greene SEVENTEEN Cover Girl

  • Tattoo

    I adore her. She’s so pretty and fav actress..:)) Team Ashley or Team Alice!! :D

  • Anonymous

    I can never look at her the same after the whole salary dispute issue. I get why some people want raises and stuff, but she doesn’t DESERVE a raise. Her acting sucks. She’s just a pretty face. All she’s been doing lately is half naked covers and whatnot. What has she done for the movie exactly? She wants $1.5 MILLION for what? Two lines?! Same with Kellan Lutz. If anyone deserves to get paid more for BD it should be Nikki Reed and the rest of the cast. They’re way more important in BD. And I don’t even like Nikki Reed, so for me to say she deserves a raise over Ashley is saying something.

  • Sweetdisposition?

    She looks beautiful on the cover:D

  • Signal The Skies

    She’s pretty but who the hell is she? xD

  • Anonymous

    Alice Cullen from Twilight:)

  • Hangover


  • lol

    love ashley “kisses”

  • Fiona

    she so pretty
    she looks good on the cover

  • MaryMary

    Signal The Skies said:
    She’s pretty but who the hell is she? xD


    So first you’re a Miley fan, and then you don’t know who Ashley Greene is. Poor you -_-

  • Rachel

    demi’s new formsprimg!!

  • Anonymous


    is this real demi’s formspring??