• superJOEman

    Wow! nice sports Kev! He’s really so flexible. And good to see Uncle Josh. =)

  • Anonymous

    what was his highest height?


    UNCLE JOSH! Ahaha. Pole Vaulting Camp… Well, at least we know he’s dedicated!

  • Anonymous1

    i tried pole vaulting for a while. but my track coach thought i’d be better at throwing. loved being on track team.

  • Anonymous

    im a pole vaulter. it realllyy hurts if you knock down the bar while ur jumping.

  • MollySmellsOfFlowers

    wooahh i read that as something entireley different then ;)

  • Stranger Then Fiction

    oh kevin and those dang booty shorts XD

  • Hangover

    Cool…I love Kevin<3

  • Anonymous

    Hi I’m Kevin Jonas and I would like to sell you a car! lol jk, i would like to pole vault.

  • Anonymous

    UNCLE JOSHHH! I follow him & his wife on twitter and they are one of the cutes couples, for sure.

  • Anonymous

    that sounds exciting, and difficult

  • stori39


  • KatherineJB_Fan

    OMG ! this seems to be a difficult sport !! I love you Kevin. hope to meet you this summer on the world tour !!

  • Anonymous

    Aww, I love love Kevin he’s the best :D
    And Uncle Josh is awesome.
    Jonas Brothers <3

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