Taylor Lautner‘s new film ‘Abduction‘ is about a teenager played by Taylor who discovers that the parents who raised him are not his biological parents after all. When he reaches out to his birth parents, the hero finds himself tangled up in a web of deception, danger and espionage as he runs for his life.

According to Deadline, Alfred Molina plays the role of ‘a dogged CIA agent who is one step behind Lautner but determined to bring him in alive.’ Lily Collins will play Taylor’s love interest. Taylor is lso signed on to starring roles in martial-arts thriller ‘Cancun’ and superhero film ‘Stretch Armstrong’.

  • Anonymous

    u r hot taylor lautner aaaaaaa i wish i can see u but i cant for some rizsin my bro said that i was going to like u and did i like u yea i did i wish i can get some tickets from u But i cant cuz i dont see u afuin so maybe i can get some tickets from some 1 like a CUTE guy like u i gess cuz i want to get some tickets from a CUTE guy that i know if it was some one who i didnt like then i wont get he or her tickets so yea but i think i m not going to get tickets from a cute guy like u :)!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray-Ray

    u girls r crazed but dew any of u know his deepest secrets

  • Ray-Ray

    hes fat

  • Shion

    omfg, I thought someone had abducted him D:
    Thanks OU for the heart attack.

  • iesha

    it is true he is fat, but u dork u suposed not to put on ur pic….cause people knw who u look like!!!

  • Rileyyyy

    i wish he would abduct me lol

  • iesha

    Well the new movie seems intresting,but who is going to kill victoria first edward or jacob?

  • island.B

    it sounds really intresting :) i will watch this for sure and im glad Lily Collins is playing his love intrest :)))))

  • AnonymousJ

    lol same.. haha.

  • PullTheTrigger

    when i first saw the titles i thought someone had abducted him, lmfao xD

  • Hangover

    Sounds really Good:)

  • iesha

    How can u gurls stand taylor launter i mean he is fat!!!

  • Sweetdisposition?

    I’m definitely going to watch this movie when it comes out. I love Taylor:D

  • LadybugLove

    lOL I’m in the computer lab for like every class today.
    And Taylor is sexy as hell but I’m more into the musician type.
    Nick Jonas, Adam Lambert, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Puddy Tat

  • YourAnything

    Haha totally thought he’d actually been abducted when I first read it lol
    The movie sounds really good, can’t wait to see it

  • Kisses from Hollywood

    I’m gonna watch this movie for sure . They said there’s another shirtless scene ;p

  • iesha

    Taylor is a very good actor,but he is a player,and he needs more dark color for is wolf on the eclips.