• Anonymous

    I’ve gotten pretty sick of cheerleaders after hearing and having to see so many movies made about them, especially the Bring It On films, which are stupid.

    I don’t mind Ashley and Aly but the cheerleader thing is tiring.

  • Anonymous

    This was kind of disturbing. As much as I love aly and Ashley, I don’t think this show will go in for very long. No cheerleaders actually dance like that. Didn’t they learn anything from bring it on 3? And aly looked pretty ridiculous. But I’ll watch it because I love yhem both :)

  • Anonymous

    It looks stupid and so not realistic. No school would let their cheerleaders dance like that! Aly tries too hard, just like she does when posing for pictures. I don’t know why..

  • vanessaa

    omg psycho derek from one tree hill!!! lol

    anyways when does this come on??

  • allisonn

    i wonder why they always portray cheerleaders like that when in reality the outfits are not like that and neither are the dance moves lol

  • Anonymous

    Such a shit huh!?!?

  • Sweetdisposition?

    LMAO Psycho Derek from OTH! It looks stupid but I’ll try watching it and then jugde.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t waittt
    Love Aly and Ash :)

  • Anonymous

    I knew that was him!!

    Anyway…I don’t think I’ll be watching. I really doubt I would like it anyway, I won’t be wasting my time.

  • shittttttt.

    LMAO Psycho Derek from OTH! It looks stupid but I’ll try watching it and then jugde.

    haha yeahh i saw the promo pics for this show with psycho derek. i really can’t think of him any other way.
    and the show looks stupid, bad cheerleading, lame concept, and not that ashley isn’t skinny but she needs to tone her abs to wear that outfit.

  • Shion

    LMAO Psycho Derek from OTH! It looks stupid but I’ll try watching it and then jugde.


  • Anonymous

    Aly’s not supposed to be a cheerleader. She’s against it. She’s screwing with the routine.

  • Anonymous

    You Go Aly And Ashley.I will watch it they are my favorite people.I like Cheer shows.It kinds of looks like Bring it on show.I think Ashley is moving on to another level besides high school musical and now she is a cheerleader.God bless you both.

  • BirthdayCake

    I’ll watch the show but with some reservations. First of all, that is nothing like REAL college cheerleading. They looked messy, disorganized, and overly sexual. Not to mention the dance and stunts weren’t nearly difficult enough (although the stunts and tumbling were executed well). Secondly, Aly looked just plain ridiculous. Ashley can pull off a cheerleader but Aly’s motions were way to loose. The rest of the team didn’t look too great either. They should have used more actual cheerleaders. You can tell which ones are dancers.

  • Kaitlyn616

    hahahaha thats all i can think of when looking at him.

  • Anonymous

    Looks cheesy as shit

  • What is this even about?

  • Anonymous

    they cancelled melrose place and the beautiful life and they’re replacing them with this???? it looks so stupid

  • Anonymous

    doesn’t look interesting at all. just another cheerleader movie. boring.

  • Anonymous

    my school would never allow uniforms that skimpy and sexy dance moves like that! It looks hot, i’ll check it out!

  • Anonymous

    Ur right most high schools and middle schools usually don’t allow skimpy outfits like that. But this is a show about college cheerleading and most colleges have skimpy uniforms like that. And so do all the competitive cheer squads too.

  • Hangover

    Go Ashley!!!

  • harrypotterbitches

    hmmm it looks kinda good

  • wtfbecca

    show looks okay, but the team does not.

  • shaCHEER11

    stunts… pretty impressive. tumbling..good. dancing… needs work! that sort of dancing isnt really allowed and not liked by many judges. but i totally live for cheerleading so ill be checking it out!!


    I enjoy watching anything about cheer, so i’ll check this show out :)

  • Fiona

    looks good. i like cheerleading

  • ahhh 6th comment

    ahhh it looks so good!! def watching

  • Anonymous

    I’ll check this out! :)