Victoria Justice A THOUSAND MILES

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  • RikapalPika
  • Anonymous

    average voice…
    shes really pretty though
    she should stick to acting

  • lonchtl
  • Anonymous

    This isn’t good. She sounds like she’s talking it, no musicality in her voice at all. Just because she’s pretty doen’t mean she can sing. Selena is better and that’s a huge compliment because She can’t really sing. If this was Demi you’d all think she was having a bad day, standards are really low for talent now a days

  • Anonymous

    pretty good

  • kwqcal

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  • Smile

    The one of her singing A Thousand Miles is actually good. She sounds very good. A she is so very Beautiful!!!

  • Anonymous

    nick jonas followed victoria on twitter,and a jonas fan called her rude when she didnt realize he was following her,but now she is.
    i feel bad for her people are so mean. :/

  • @leticia_baiardi

    Hi.. think that she ‘s great,but singing thousand miles,selena gomez is better! I like Victoria a lot,but singing this song,selena gomez is better! :D I love Victoria, I’m hers fan!

  • Anonymous

    love her :) this is so old … xD

  • puralucha
  • Fiona

    This is really good. Just like the original.

  • Anonymous

    i like the original more she over annunciates

  • Anonymous

    i like her but she ruined this song:/

  • Anonymous

    This is, like, over two years old. Why is Oceanup just now getting around to showing it?

  • lioness

    I thought this version is really old?

  • Anonymous

    yeah – this is way beyond old. her first singing demo for voice over talent agency

  • Keanu

    She’s SOOOOOOOOOO pretty but more than pretty she ‘s also funny and can sing!!! Life isn’t fair sometimes

  • Anonymous

    selena gomez has no singing ability it doesnt really sound like her it very fixed but in victoria’s voice it sounds real because her talking voice and singing voice sound so alike

  • Jonas

    Vanessa Carlton sang the original song. this is just a stupid cover song.

  • LuJonas_s2

    wow!!! I never thought she could really sing but her voice is cute, I love this song sooo much!!!!!!

  • LuJonas_s2

    Heey, can someone tell me how to put a picture here???????? plz!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love this version a lot more!!!

  • superJOEman

    nice version! =)

  • wowitsautumn
  • Alobander
  • austin19

    this version is from over a year ago!!!

  • Anonymous

    love it???

  • Rachel

    Victoria did a great version of the song and she is so amazing!!!

  • CupcakezLover

    She’s so gorgeous!! <3

  • Crankshaft

    Victoria’s feet are so beautiful

  • Caroline

    Victoria Justice is my hero, she’s SO beautiful, her voice is beautiful, and she’s such a good actress.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE HER MORE THAN SELENA. Victoria rocks!

  • steph

    Not really..Demi lovato beats both selena and victoria!

  • Anonymous

    a lil late OU this was like 2007

  • Mahima

    she sounds like the original

  • wyolbltnsvy

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  • Anonymous

    I used to love this song! Used to sing it in my sleep.
    I love this version as well, But I like the original better.

  • iucbhfr

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  • Julianna

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is way old.
    Well, for old fans it is.

  • Anonymous

    her voice is nothing special
    & selena CANNOT sing
    if any of ya’ll look up to any of these stars choose demi
    shes the only one with singing ability

  • picstoburn

    i always loved her version of this song it’s good.

  • miley loverr.

    her voice is nothing special
    & selena CANNOT sing
    if any of ya’ll look up to any of these stars choose demi
    shes the only one with singing ability
    i think victoria’s is the best version of a thousand miles ..
    i love demis and especially mileys voice <3 SELENA GOMEZ CANT SING!

  • musiciseverything

    VICTORIA!!!! :D

  • Anonymous

    i love her voice.

  • Sweetdisposition?

    I love her:D She’s my fav teen celeb next to Selena.