Emily Osment Let’s Be Friends Cover Art


  • Maria


  • Anonymous

    She’s sooo boring. Even Alyson Stoner has more of a personality. lol

  • Anonymous

    WOW she so pretty can’t wait to here ger new song!!!!!!

  • BirthdayCake

    She looks silly. I feel bad saying that but she is trying way to hard. Everything is over sexed up these days. And honestly it’s not her outfit. That is fine. Well, it’s ugly but not inapproperiate. It’s just the hair, make up, and her stance. Everything about it screams sex. What is wrong with being natural? I think she is naturally very pretty.

  • Anonymous

    wtf is she wearing?

  • Anonymous

    this cover sucks

  • Cookies

    Anonymous said:

    wtf is she wearing?

    Well…At least shes wearing something

  • Anonymous

    how can she expect people to be friends with her while she’s a total bitch to them??

  • Anonymous

    she is such a selena wannabe eww

  • Anonymous

    she should cover her body…that’s not appropriate.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    she looks like kelly clarkson there for some odd reason.

    She’s got a great voice though. :D

  • Anonymous

    Selena Wanabee?. Selena Hasnt Done Shyt! She’s A Pussy Atleast Emily Osment &Miley Cyrus Act liKE REal Teenagerss.!

  • Anonymous

    I hate her why is she trying to sing eww she will never be like miley

  • Disdain

    Yay :D:D

  • Anonymous

    eww she is such a miley cyrus wannabe i hate her

  • Anonymous

    uh people LAY OFF! you dont know her so dont judge her

  • Anonymous

    eww eww eww eww eww

  • Anonymous

    She’s pretty. She seems nice in person. I saw her once, but didn’t get to talk. I don’t like the title and the outfit doesn’t fit really.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Nice Bra Emily..>I guess she’s trying to do the whole BRITNEY deal now. Oh Lord, and the Lindsay Lohan comparisons continue ! PS: How much u wanna bet people are not gonna freak out over this now that Miley’s done it?

  • Anonymous

    Look at the hair and the outfits…she’s copying Demi

  • Anonymous

    she is such a bitch


    She is a BITCH! But she’s pretty though, I’ll give her that :)

  • Diamondback

    Anonymous said:

    I hate her why is she trying to sing eww she will never be like miley

    – – – – –

    Shut the hell up you dope.

  • Whenpigsfly

    It’s not bad but I hate the CD name.

    Let’s be friends

    umm…weird name, it just doesn’t seem to roll off the tounge but whatevs
    LOVE HER :)

  • Anonymous

    If she tilt her head a little lower it would have been perfect. I feel like Tyra from ANTM lol. Yah she is a little stuck up when you meet her in person, but what can you do maybe she’s just a quiet person. Carrie Underwood seemed stuck up before, but it’s because she’s really shy not a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    wtf with the 12 years old babies here for miley oh she is not 17 yet but emily is fucking 18 so shut down losers
    em u look great baby

  • Anonymous

    but bitch, you can’t even sings and miley will always be better than you

  • Anonymous

    Emily is a rude bitch. Like not trying to be mean but i’ve met her a few times & she is so stuck up & rude!

  • Anonymous

    Ohh loookieee. She’s wearing a belly shirt on her new cover…Lets talk shit & call her a slut & wannabe just like you do Miley !

  • Anonymous

    she looks so good in that picture she’s gona get a boyfriend

  • Anonymous

    lame name but she looks pretty though.

  • kayla


  • misscherie13

    Stop saying stupid things, how can you judge someone by a picture? Don’t be silly.

  • Anonymous

    emily is not a miley cyrus wannabe and she’s way prettier.miley’s face looks like shit it’s the ugliest face i’ve seen till date 17

  • haylee

    i think she is a miley cyrus wannabe

  • Liz

    Difference: Miley is still a minor, Emily is legally an adult.

  • jewnasbrothers

    She’s so pretty :o

  • Jonas Killer

    This girl gets hotter and hotter everytime I see her! I’d bang her!

  • bballinchic26

    Omg she is wearing a bustea (how ever you spell it) we should call her skanky just like you did for Miley. No one will though because they aren’t really jealous of her fame.

  • melody

    haylee i think she is a miley cyrus wannabe 2

  • Girlyou

    beautiful girl.

  • Anonymous

    hey look, she’s OLDER… less successful… and wears more clothes than cyrus.

    sex sells.

  • Andy

    gorgeous as always

  • Anonymous

    shes gorgiouse!!!!
    i love emily osment!!!!!

  • SoRawSUgAr

    Omg it’s MADONNA!! haahaa jk.

  • peaceandlove.

    oh please.
    she is such a good person. :) and she’s pretty.

  • cutalicious

    wow.Shes grown up.

  • peaceandlove.

    you’re complement right.

  • Anonymous

    i see death people, sorry xd is just everytime i see her i remember that movie :B

  • kelly

    miley cyrus WANNABE

  • Anonymous

    why don’t you shut up. It just one song. Look at miley cyrus with her i can’t be tamed and showing more skin then emily. So look at miley and how she dresses compared to emily. So don’t judge unless you got your facts right.

  • Fiona

    nice cover, i guess it’s her next single

  • misscherie13

    I am agree with you! Usually shy people may seem snobbish..with me she was very kind. Shut up if you don’t know. I’m sure you don’t.

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with you! I freaking love Emily! She’s awesome!! & yes she looks gorgeous. you seriously just took the words out of my mouth!

  • Jacky

    You should all just shut up. You can’t say she’s a Bitch and I doubt she is one. So you might have met her before but maybe she’s just shy or she had a bad day okay? You can’t call someone a Bitch when you don’t know them really.

    And ‘Lets Be Friends’ is just the Name of her Single thats coming out. Its not her Album yet.

    And Emily does look gorgeous, shes not trying to be Demi or Selena, like seriously theyre all dark haired and look different? Plus Emily is way better than Demi & Selena together.

    Stop all the hate.
    I love Emily <3

  • Anonymous

    sexy but not too sexy miley should learn a thing or two frm her friend

  • Sav

    It’s sexier than Miley’s. It doesn’t looked so forced! But I’m excited for her new single.

  • Anonymous

    i love it shes so gorgeous talented and WICKED NICE she came outside our show and gave everyone waiting outside in the cold in dec a brownie. oh yeah SO mean. shes nothing like any of the stars youre saying shes trying to be like. shes better.

  • problumchild2

    Would you guys stop calling her a Miley wannabe? Unlike Miley, she actually has her head secured on her shoulders. It’s just one freaking picture with a bit of her stomach showing. At least she’s not prancing around in her underwear, Like Miley…

  • CatchMeIfYouCan

    oh yeah?

  • Hangover

    She is so preety:)

  • Anonymous

    I think its pretty. And the name, its the name of the song not the CD. She is going to her own direction ans I respect that about Miley and Emily. They r not pretending to be nice and perfect.