Tiffany Thornton TEXAS GIRL New Song

From Kendal, Kirsten & Melissa: We all went to a Falling Whistles event in Studio City, CA on May 22. It was all planned by a little 12 year old girl who cares so much about the foundation named Devon. Sterling Knight came on stage and talked about Falling Whistles and what its about.

He was really nice to Devon and joked around with her. Then Tiffany Thornton came on stage for her first live performance EVER. She was AMAZING she sang two songs that showed off the power of her voice. She and Sterling both hung around after to talk to every single fan.

I saw Billy Ray Cyrus sitting by the house. He was really nice signing autographs and taking pictures. Allstar Weekend performed. The lead singer Zach wasn’t there, they said it was for family reason. Aww Noie wasn’t there :\

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  • Courtney

    What a great cause!! I love wearing my Falling Whistles whistle. Learn more about it at!

  • mudshark_kendie

    Hey, I’m actually on oceanup! (I’m kendal) YEAHBUDDY! :)

  • roro

    tiffany sings soo gd

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  • Anonymous

    no need to compare her to Selena. Selena still has and will have a better music career!

  • Anonymous

    awesome and shes performed before so its not her 1st performance…just saying:D

  • olivia

    I lovd him!! Soo much!! Im a huge fan!!:) i love sterling knight!!:D<3

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  • Rachel

    She sings really great and has an unique country tone in her voice!

  • missy1234

    Whoooo that’s me too kendal!!! Ahahahaha :D I’m melissa. Follow me, kendal, and kirsten on twitter. Kendal @hellokendie_ kirsten @kpowwe melissa @itsamissythanng

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    wow she can sing! :)
    i love her in SWAC

  • Anonymous

    actually i was there at the concert and she said on the microphone “its my first live performance”

  • Anonymous

    Wow! AMAZING! :)

  • Cela

    She’s awesome! :O

  • xJonasXCandyx


  • AskTaylor

    I love her<3

  • Anonymous

    awhh i love her she sings beaaaautiful!!!

  • Alyssaluvsyouuu

    I love Tiffany I could totally see those songs being on mainstream radio. Especially Texas Girl!

  • Anonymous

    she’s really good! :O

    DEFINITELY better than Selena!

  • Anonymous

    Oh mY God, actual goosebumps/pimples whatever, she’s amazing…:)

  • Anonymous

    She’s AWESOME! <3