Nick Jonas NEW DIABETES Commercial

Bayer Diabetes Care unveiled a new commercial with Nick Jonas to spread the word about the CONTOUR USB blood glucose meter. Nick, who has type 1 diabetes, uses the CONTOUR USB by plugging the meter directly into..

..his computer for statistics, trends and a deeper understanding of his blood glucose levels. This new, advanced technology makes it that much easier for Nick to manage his diabetes, giving him a meter that fits his non-stop life.

  • Fiona

    such an awesome commercial

  • Anonymous

    most awesome commercial EVER

    this and the JONAS LA thing are two commercials i would rather watch than some shows

  • chenxiaofeng

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  • JoBros

    ” isnt he just beautiful :D

  • Anonymous

    love that & him<33

  • JoBros

    how do u that thing where the writing goes different?? like you did crazy4jonasbrothers

  • Anonymous

    Nah. I would take Nick over Joe any day.

  • Live Like There Is No Tomorrow

    i love you nickyy you simply win!!!

  • redseen

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  • Crazy4JonasBrothers

    awww Nick u aree so Pretty Awesomeee
    ooh he is so cutee :D

    I lovee him awww

  • thecolordecays.

    Hot dang, that was cool!

  • CC

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  • sophie

    firstttt! i love him! <3

  • pink_01


  • Anonymous

    Awwww Nick!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wondering how much Nick is getting paid for this?

  • -Hibz-

    Well, damn. I could watch that commercial all day. Haha :P

    Aw, yay Nick! Proud fan.. Proud fan indeed. Hahaha.

  • JoBros

    aww he is to cute…words cant explain how much i live him :)

  • Anonymous

    Joe jonas is much better than him!!!

  • Anonymous

    Joe Jonas is the best and everyone that is against this tell me