International pop star Charice is set to join the TV series ‘Glee.’ Her manager said: ‘Charice will soon join ‘Glee’. And not just as a guest, but as part of the cast in a new season’. Charice’s the first Asian to break into Billboard’s Top 10.

  • Anonymous

    i’m so glad its a rumor. i would have stopped watching glee is she was on it.

  • Anonymous

    jay sean was the first asian to make it to the top 10…

  • CupcakezLover

    Fail. I want LEGIT Glee posts.

  • Ana Flávia

    Who is she ?? .-.

  • Taylynh

    yeah…she confirmed that it’s just a rumor…sorry Gleeks.

  • Certified Gleek

    It’s now official. Charice is going to be on Glee and she’s going to be Rachel Berry’s rival!

  • Anonymous

    if she is known ‘all around the world’
    why the fuck is she not known in for example, the UK ?
    um, fail.

  • Anonymous

    check your sources oceanup.
    just a RUMOR!

  • Anonymous

    This is just a rumor. -_-
    I’m a fellow asian but damn, I don’t like Charice.
    If she goes on Glee, then aaaaaaaaaaaaah. x___x

  • lindsey

    I LOVE HER! she is amazinggggggggg

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  • Anonymous

    wtf, NOT TRUE. she said on her twitter that she isn’t gonna be on glee. check your sources.

  • Sweetdisposition?

    I love Charice but she’s not going to be on glee. The story’s not true.

  • Anonymous

    She just confirmed it.. its a just RUMOR..

  • Chelsea-Rose

    “International pop star”
    I’ve never heard of her?

  • Anonymous

    Yah. She’s just starting off. And might not make it. HAHAHA. Peace people.

  • Juezz

    dude, check your sources. Charice confirmed by twitter that it was only a rumor.

  • CupcakezLover

    She’s been known since 2007. She already “made it” and she is respected by people all around the world. So there is nothing to “HAHAHA” about.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. That’s not true.

  • Charice Rep

    Charice confirmed yesterday via the website Twitter that this is in fact not true. Please check you sources before posting information such as this.

  • imaGLEEK

    fail OU.

    anyway!!!!!2 episodes more!!!!I’m gonna miss Glee so much :(

  • victoria

    I LOVE HERR!!!! she is one of the best singers i’ve ever heard! FINALLY A GOOD TEEN SINGER!