Pixie Lott To Play The Virgin Mary


Pixie Lott has replaced Britney Spears in the feature film Sweet Baby Jesus, a modern retelling of the Nativity story. Britney ended up dropping the role of the Virgin Mary because of pressure from her family.

Pixie will star opposite Sam Rockwell, Bette Midler and Kim Cattrall. Filming begins in Maryland and Ireland later this year. Her new TV film Fred: The Movie, which will debut on the UK’s Nickelodeon channel in August.

  • Anonymous

    i love pixie, much better than britney.
    for everyone saying they dont know who the heck this chick is this, shes an awesome singer from britain – lsiten to her use somebody cover

  • Ke$HA fan

    oh god this girl again. ocean up please post things we actually care about. This girl probably isnt a virgin with her whole sex kitten image she puts on show :@

  • Anonymous

    shes bad at acting though! this is why she didnt get into britannia high (which was a flop anyway). her singing was very good but because of her poor acting skills she didnt make it. I just hope shes improved bcoz i love pixie :)

  • MollySmellsOfFlowers

    Anonymous said:

    but clearly you havent REALLY seen her, without makeup : http://images.mirror.co.uk/upl/m4/jun2009/3/0/pixie-lott-pic-goff-image-
    its not photoshopped at ALL.


    everyone has days where they dont look good and unflattering pictures. There are much prettier ones without makeup. Im sure your no rose.

  • DownToEarthGirl

    i live in england and shes a gd singer (a bit too pop) but gd voice. why is she tryin to get famous in america and in acting? i wish she’d be happy wit her uk fans…

  • MollySmellsOfFlowers

    People need to stop hating on pixie. She may not have been on oceanup but that doesnt mean she wasnt famous in her own right before joe. Then 2 interviewers asked her did you hang out with him. She said yes and people hate her now for no reason. She has great music so stfu.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Britney as the Virgin Mary? I’m a HUGE Brit fan, but that’s so unbelievable. I actually laughed.

  • Anonymous

    great, they’re gonna basterdize The Nativity. >:(
    it sounds cool and all, but honestly; it’s disrespectful to our Catholic beliefs.

  • LoveBryony

    I love Pixie. A lot of people in the US diss her cos of the Joe rumours when they’ve never even heard of her! I remember when Camilla Belle was supposed to be playing The Virgin Mary…now that was funny!

  • Anonymous

    I actually knew pixie before jonas brothers met her at the EMA’s…. so stop hating her she’s a really cute girl and she’s famous in UK and europe and there’s nothing wrong with trying to be famous in the US…
    about the pic there’s nothing wrong with having bad days without make up and she never said that she has the best skin

  • Anonymous

    oh i forgot!! pleas ocean up keep posting news on her because i luv

  • Your Love is my Drug

    but clearly you havent REALLY seen her, without makeup : http://images.mirror.co.uk/upl/m4/jun2009/3/0/pixie-lott-pic-goff-image-
    its not photoshopped at ALL.

    The Fact that she has Acne makes me like her even more. it just shows she’s a normal human being (:

  • Anonymous

    she should stick to singing tbh. x

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    I love her, shes so pretty and her album is amazing! I cant wait to see her acting :) I never knew Britney was gonna do this film? Lmfao.

  • Kaylaa

    Kinda disapointted Britney dropped it…

  • TheLovelyL

    who IS this bitch??

  • Signal The Skies

    Who is this chick and does she even matter?

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  • island.B

    ummmm coolness.

  • Anonymous

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  • crazylady

    why did no one comment on this picture yet? I still don’t know this lady but such a pretty picture.

  • Anonymous

    but clearly you havent REALLY seen her, without makeup : http://images.mirror.co.uk/upl/m4/jun2009/3/0/pixie-lott-pic-goff-image-1-313460.jpg
    its not photoshopped at ALL.

  • Anonymous

    URGH! shes so annoying and trying to get in with the disney crowd like greg sulkin and joe jonas…. she can’t even act! see : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_U8iPeY7nc

  • JessieKipton

    omg so annoying! oceanup please stop posting about here. No one actually carees :@

  • Matt

    I know right! OCEANUP! PLEASE POST ABOUT GIRLS WE CARE ABOUT: e.g miley, selena, demi and all the other great usuals! :) :)

  • Anonymous

    ehhh she’s ok.
    but britney it’s….. BRItNEY :(

  • Anonymous

    wth Britney Spears oh yeah sounds like a serious film

  • crazylady

    ok well hardly any famous girl looks good without makeup
    she has bad skin, dorky glasses and that’s an unflattering pose….maybe if we take all that away it wouldn’t be so bad

  • Anonymous

    total idiot. shes totally mocking Mary. What is she doing with legends like Kim?!