Up & coming new supertalent Noah Lindsey Cyrus is already an accomplished equestrian rider! New pictures of Noah posing with her numerous riding awards on Sunday. Congratulations!

  • Alterego

    On OceaunUp, Ive learned EVERYTHING is spam :/
    Apart from the actual Spammers who seem to get away with it, ive emailed them like 5 times but they wont fix it -_-

    Ikr, I get flagged like 10 times a day

  • Anonymous

    ummm ive been riding for 7 years theres no way she could have gotten first with the way it shows her riding. in riding you heals are supposed to be all the way down hers are high up in the air!!! :) just sayin and her hands on resting on the horse thats points off :) so idk how she got first

  • Anonymous

    go noah go noah happy for you and guys lay off the trace horse jokes not funny thats some one brother how would you like it if some one talked about your family member like that

  • ShowMeYourTeeth

    Aww that’s great!

  • island.B

    Good job Trace ;) did he get best in show??

  • KillyGirl6

    OMG YOu Listened this??
    I CANT WAIT <33

  • springstrawberry

    Is it sarcasm that I noticed ?

  • KillyGirl6

    Noah its pretty :) she looks like miley when she was a little girl …

  • Anonymous

    so that kid wins a comp and gets on OU when ive won heaps of comps with horse riding,
    she probably bribed the judges.

  • naynay

    where u there no how would u like it if someone told u u shoud have lost leave the lil ghurl alone daum r u really tht jelous

  • Hangover


  • - Blair Waldorf -

    Wow, OU loves Noah Cyrus in a creepy way.

  • Anonymous

    The judges were probably biased. Her position totally sucks. I would know, I’ve been riding since I was four.

  • idkMyBFFjill

    her and miley sort of look a like at that age. miley has more of her mom’s eyes though, and noah has her dad’s.

  • CANE


  • Alterego

    Yea “Aww” is spamming -__

  • Katie13

    I Want To Ride A Horse!

  • Anonymous

    The amount of kiss ass comments that this site published regarding the Cyrus family is nauseating.

  • Maris ?

    that’s a creepy picture of her but congrats I guess

  • Katie13

    Yea “Aww” is spamming -__
    On OceaunUp, Ive learned EVERYTHING is spam :/
    Apart from the actual Spammers who seem to get away with it, ive emailed them like 5 times but they wont fix it -_-

  • Anonymous

    is her horse really named trace? pretty white horse.

  • _liesyoutold

    oh hey TRACE!

  • Anonymous

    poor horse … he must cost a lot of money what’s why she win

  • PullTheTrigger

    aw. :) she probably won because they know who she is. oh well. i cried when i tried horse riding. LMAO

  • Maris ?

    _liesyoutold said:

    oh hey TRACE!


    lmao the trace jokes never get old

  • xiaochen

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  • c

    Wow guys lay off! i Ride too and sure her equitation isn’t amazing but she is a little girl and doing what she loves! I dont even like Miley but you guys are just rude! everyone looked like that at one point! How do you know she wasn’t just petting him or getting down? It is just ridiculous how you people judge when you dont know the facts

  • Anonymous

    okay if youve all been showing so long then why cant you think that it might be hunters, not eq? hunters is judged on the horse, not the rider.

  • Anonymous

    “How do you know she wasn’t just petting him or getting down? ”

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been riding and showing for over 10 years and this girl can’t ride. Her heels arnt down and she seems to be resting her hands on the horses neck to keep her balance which is not correct. I’m betting she “won” because of her name. Not her “ability” because she has none

  • Anonymous

    A also like how they say her “numerous” awards. Four ribbons? Come see my room for numerous :P

  • Dryade

    Billy can’t smile, can he?

  • Anonymous

    girl needs to get her heels down! but other than that I think she looks adorable.
    yeah, maybe her horse was really expensive… but what horse isn’t? All celeb children that ride have really nice ponies/horses. Kelly Ripa’s daughter Lola owns a pony named clever endeavor that has a breyer pony modeled after it… it’s just how it works out.

    but there are children like jessica springsteen that are ACTUALLY amazing riders. she won the maclay finals which is something you can’t do without being an amazing rider.

  • Anonymous

    I was there. She didn’t ride amazingly but she was riding a super expensive pony so of course she won. And everyone in her class was little kids so no one was really amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Her riding is shockingly bad. And WHY is she riding in spurs?! a) she can’t use them correctly and b) since the horse is so expensive i’m gonna assume she doesn’t actually need to ride it in spurs.

    Ahh well…at least she had fun.

  • Hilary

    Awww so cute <3

  • Anonymous

    That is one fancy ass horse…

  • Anonymous

    agreed with the riding comments. her position stinks. Her competetion must have been really terrible. & she doesn’t need spurs when she can’t even ride correctly yet.

  • Anonymous

    God help us…

  • wtfbecca

    cute. :)

  • idkMyBFFjill

    @wtfbecca, lmao @ ur icon. <3

  • blingbling

    Ohhh, she was riding her brother in the contest?

  • little misssunshinee

    she’s soo cuteee!
    she looks just like miley!
    ahah and she’s actually really tall!

  • Taylor

    wtfbecca, i loveeee your icon (: hehe

  • gingerrx.

    she’s cute. but why super talent? is she talented?

  • INeedAHero

    That’s cool. :)

  • Anonymous

    She looks just like Miley when she auditioned for HM.