Jennette McCurdy Not That Far Away

ACOUSTIC version!

  • Girlyou

    Her personality and her voice is beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    she is a great singer, and finally one of the few singers that can actually sing :D

  • Rachel

    She actually has an amazing and pure country voice!

  • CupcakezLover

    I love her. She’s great at both singing and acting, and I love how she isn’t singing autotune pop songs. :)

  • Anonymous

    She’s awesome and way. Better than Miranda. Ihope the country music industry reconginizes her talent.

  • Fiona

    she has an amazing voice!
    Go Jennette

  • Anonymous

    She’s actually really good. She actually has talent, it’s too bad she isn’t more known as a singer. I do agree that not all the actresses should be singers, but she’s an exception.

  • Fiona

    Lol OU this isn’t a Jesse McCartney Post

  • Anonymous

    o.0 Her voice is so so so amazing :D

  • _liesyoutold

    I wonder why she’s not as famous as Miley Cyrus. In fact, she has a more beautiful voice. She’s just.. real, is the word for it i guess. Plus, she’s unique. Not much girls around her age sing this type of songs. JennMcCurdy FTW!

  • Kayla

    She’s one of the few acresses/singers nowadays who can actually sing. She’s proved it in several youtube vids (mebejennette). After she releases her albun i hope she gets nominated for a “Best New Artist” award. she deserves one. Her voice is so pure and pretty, she’s also a REALLY talented actress, she changes her voive according to her character. she has many other talents. she’s also a FANTASTIC role model. :D

  • _liesyoutold

    and aw, she’s barefoot in the video! haha.

  • elliesaur

    She’s one of the few actresses these days who actually sing VERY well.
    I love her. I love country music. All of this = <3

  • Elle

    She’s good.

  • amanda

    she should only be acting….now every actor/actriz is singing now !!! its CRAZY!!!! and not really in a good way…

  • JoBros

    she has a really good voice

  • Alessia

    I actually absolutely love this songgg! =)
    she’s really good, she’s very talented!

  • ine

    Amanda, she’s actually an amazing singer… why shoudln’t she sing then? Just because loads of actresses sing she shouldn’t?
    That’s so stupid.

  • Kayla

    i agree. just cause others actresses are singin doesn’t mean she shouldn’t. She’s more talented thatn a lot of other actresses/singers out there. plus, she ain’t edited

  • itsautumnbelle

    she’s really good :)

  • Blahhhhh

    She is better tHan miley, demi,selena and taylor!!!

  • Anonymous

    Her voice is awesome!!! She should be the one with the album not that loser Miranda cosgrove who is pulling a Selena with releasing a pop album with stupid songs and auto tune galore. I like this and she should be at the next country awards for like best new artist.

  • Anonymous

    Her voice is actually pretty good (: