Anna Maria PDT Jonas Brothers COVER

When You Look Me In The Eyes.’

  • Anonymous

    This girl should get signed up with a record label. With a voice like that pure sounding…love it love it love it!

  • mari

    WOW !WOW ! WOW ! Fantastic voice. She should sing this with the Jbros.

  • nick

    OMG!!! I am now an instant fan and will follow her from now on. I never knew she sings that well.

  • CupcakezLover

    She’s pretty good. :)

  • Anonymous

    That is what I call singing. Effortless!

  • Anonymous

    That is what I call singing. Effortless!

  • <3

    ..pretty good?? I think she did amazing!! She has such a beautiful voice, I honestly did not expect that. Wow, good job Anna! :D

  • Anonymous

    Singing live ! WOW Impressive voice. Love it

  • Anonymous

    That isn’t the best sound system and yet she made it sound really good. I can just imagine if she is in a live concert. I hope she is with the JB worldwide tour.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Her version is even higher than the Jbros. She definitely should sing with them.

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with her eyebrows?

  • Anonymous

    Where was this? It seems so windy and yet she sounded really good. I am impressed.

  • A-Ji

    Wow she can belt!

  • superJOEman

    she is really a great singer! She deserves to have a solo album soon! Calling Papa Jonas.. :)

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone have a clear version . She looks pretty just the same. Nice rendition.

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty good!:) I wasn’t expecting that!

  • Rachel

    She has a really beautiful voice and some true talent!

  • JQ

    I like her version of the JB cover!

  • Fiona

    She’s amazing
    Go Anna Maria

  • CaliforniaSunshineInMyEyes

    she sang well.

  • AnnieB

    GO ANNA! Love it!

  • cherryblossom

    She sounds really good (: I guess she would be great in musicals or something like that!

  • ErikaSh

    Nice..really nice! This is what I call SINGING!

  • adfasdfasdfasd

    :) better than the jo bros!

  • joeflywithme

    i think she’s good. but when i heard the song, i just heard joe and nick sing it. that song will always be a jonas brothers song.

  • Anonymous

    shes gooooooooooooooooooooooood

  • Anonymous

    did you guys know when she was younger she joined a singing contest with david archuleta? called Star Search


    hmm. now i do think she’s a great singer, but that didn’t really do it for me. my personal fave is still “i am changing”

  • Anonymous

    She may have a nice voice but needs new management anyone under pappa j will never get far his only promotes his sons

  • Anonymous

    She CAN Sing! Wow! Great performance!

  • MollySmellsOfFlowers

    hmm. now i do think she’s a great singer, but that didn’t really do it for me. my personal fave is still “i am changing”


    wow again!

  • Charlie

    AMPDT singing a JB song! Beautiful! Love to see her perform with the JB’s!

  • Anonymous


  • iloveyouux

    Cool. I love her voice :)

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, this girl needs a break. Her voice is distinct.

  • mhmm .

    She sounds really good :) <3. It's hard to cover this song.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the JB’s would bring her to their tour. She is incredible.

  • Anonymous

    She added a new twist to the song. Good job Anna!

  • MollySmellsOfFlowers


  • Anonymous

    She sounds really good =)