Chelsea Staub, ‘ALWAYS Stay In Groups’


Chelsea was accosted last night.

  • -Jenii

    Im glad she and her friends are OK.. Not only girls but guys also should stay in groups when going out. A lot of F***uped ppl out there :S

  • maxuusboy
  • hevjmszb

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  • @starrstruck

    Check this out ==><== and RT so @ddlovato can see it tooo! please!!!!!

  • lifeiswhatyoumakeit

    i’m so glad she is okay!
    i love chelsea.

  • alltherightmoves.

    thank god she’s okay.
    I love that girl <3

  • belllllllllle

    umm. i dont think accosted is the best word to use.

  • belllllllllle

    um, i dont think accosted was the right word to use.

  • Anonymous

    what does accosed mean :\?

  • ~:)


  • NikkiRose

    Chelsea I love u so much, hope u be fine. Always @StaubWorld’s with u. U know it baby:)

  • Anonymous

    good for her! you can never be to safe

  • LesleyrockLovesJonas

    ohh :S glad they are all ok, f**king stupid guys! aghh

  • dis4

    It is Fake, she just wants attention

  • Julianna

    I’m glad shes ok

  • Anonymous

    poor chelsea and her friends, least her friend was smart to do that! that’s a scary experience, i look up to her for preaching this.

  • CatchMeIfYouCan

    that’s scary, glad she’s ok, that’s why I never walk alone anywhere.

  • Jessie//

    Scary stuff :/

  • Anonymous

    Wow that’s scary. I’m glad nobody got hurt. Chelsea rocksss!