Demi Lovato Disney Channel Intro NEW

  • Anonymous

    Demi looks like she gained some weight here.
    Even though I know she didn’t. Still as tiny as ever.

  • Anonymous

    i luv demi so much so u people just shut up man. anyways who even likes the jonas brother they are gay and i hate joe . he broke with her. she needs some one like taylor launer and chris brown. she dont even need to do a concert with the jonas brother the dont respect girls .. i hate them sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

  • Anonymous

    Love her she is too pretty :) and geez like she said you guys read way to much into her tweets leave the girl alone y does everyone have the need to bash on people u don’t personally know

  • StarLightSTARbright

    that was SO BORING.

  • Butt

    it sucked

  • Anonymous

    It was bitchy! so what? It was supposed to be. And I dont like kevin at all!!!! He’s too borring. I like Danielle though

    And love Demi.

  • thezombiemassacrex

    I <3 it!
    Finally they let demi wear some makeup!

  • dsn43

    fuck kevin.
    danielle’s cool i guess.
    demi is aite.

    enough said.

  • Lalaland4ever

    i’m sorry, but i realllllly don’t like her anymore.. she seems very full of herself..

  • Anonymous

    I think so because Kevin made Danielle sign a pre-nup not because he doesn’t expect the marriage to last, it’s because the money he has isn’t all his. Joe Nick and himself earned the money. If they divorce she would get half of their money not just his.

    Also, she said she was the Jonas Brothers best friend and she has trashed Joe and Kevin. Can’t wait to see what she says about Nick.

  • -Jenii

    I comeplety agree wid u.. I also thought that was also kinda bitchy… Demi shouldent start shit wid her ex’s bro’s marriage -___-

  • xdaydreamer

    this is off topic but do you guys think demi dissed kevin in her tweet last night? when she said:

    “Ladies, NEVER sign a pre-nup. It just shows that the opposite sex doesn’t expect you to last.”

    kevin made danielle sign a pre-nup so..

    in my honest opinion i think it was really bitchy whether or not it was aimed to kevin. half of hollywood have made eachother sign pre-nups when it comes to marriage & it’s not meant as an insult, just as a way to make sure they won’t have their money practically stolen from them if it ends in an ugly divore because that seems to happen alot on hollywood. -_-

  • Anonymous

    Hi i’m demi lovato, and you’re watching my life and career fall apart
    (key background sound ba-bum-bah-bum.. disney logo)

    hahahah i kid love you demi

  • Anonymous

    I will NEVER support Demi again, she’s gone too far Dani and Kevin did nothing to her

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO I bet if she could have the stick be black. SHE WOULD. xD

  • Adam J

    No laser sound? The new intros have had that ZAP sound a lot. Why doesn’t Demi have it on hers?

  • xoxo

    it’s all about demi this days

  • hithere

    OU just posted a milion of stuff in one minute

  • harrypotterbitches

    she looks pretty