Thx Emmy. Video under!

  • elliesaur

    For a split second I thought she was Taylor Swift. :P

  • Anonymous

    TRL Italy SUCK SUCK this year, not just the 4 presenters but all the show!!!
    Her fans on twitter were like “save emily from TRL” or “thanks to TRL emily will never return to Italy” LOLLOL

  • Anonymous

    I think the whole atmosphere was really weird for her. She didn’t have anyone to talk to. She had struggle to understand what some of them are saying and such. You can’t blame her. At least she doesn’t have a fake smile on. And she should be super tired.

  • Anonymous

    she flew to cologne germany last monday.did some promotional work +cover shoot for bravo magazine wednsday then flew to italy.that would make anyone tired.she did viva live in berlin friday.she is now in london.she must be dead tired now.

  • Eliezer


  • misscherie13

    By the way I’m not agree with “TRL sucked this year” and the questions weren’t stupid.
    Here the video of the interview =)

  • misscherie13

    Just signed up (it’s Emmy)
    That’s right. Thanks to a friend, I discovered that she also signed autographs and took pictures with fans that were waiting for her after TRL and I think that’s very kind of her: don’t you think that?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I noticed that too! hahaha…

    Emily doesn’t look happy at all. Ok it was very sunny, but it’s not a good excuse.. she doesn’t seem thankful to the (few) fans she has.

  • Effy

    it’s because of the sun, really, try do take a picture of yourself when you have the sun in your eyes and you’re trying to keep a straight face .. it will look just like theirs

  • Hilary

    she’s so cute.

  • Anonymous

    She never really looks happy when she’s with fans..

  • emmy

    Anonymous said:

    She never really looks happy when she’s with fans..


    Well, I don’t know because I have met her only once but she was very kind with me and with other fans and, for example, she smiled when I gave her a handmade pendant I did for her, or when she looked at the poster or when she received the panda from us. But try to think: would you guys look “happy” when you are tired? I don’t think so…maybe :)
    She looked very tried :( but she was awesome with us.

  • Anonymous

    She looks tired or pissed or something. That’s what I look like when I try to pose for pictures without smiling too. Haha.

  • Anonymous

    aaahhh!!!!shes right next to croatiaaa….:D

  • Luca

    i was there in Trieste! it was very hot that day, people who have met her have all said the same things ‘was nice, signed autographs and she was tired’ haha.
    perhaps she does not seem happy because the Presenters are idiots who asks stupid questions.

  • Effy

    BirthdayCake said:

    she doesn’t look very happy

    Fiona said:

    yah, she doesn’t look happy.
    Can someone explain the poster? I don’t get it…


    I think it’s because she has the sun in her eyes

    and the poster is a quote from her song and “we love you” it doesn’t say anything else

  • Anonymous

    best actress on dc

  • miley4ever

    She doesn’t look happy. Plus the girl next to her looks disgusted. Doesn’t she?! :/

  • emmy

    She was tired, that’s all.
    And I don’t look disgusted, it’s because the sun…that’s all! I was very thrilled about meeting Emily :)

  • xoxo

    she is cute

  • hithere

    she is cute
    but i dont like her smile there

  • BirthdayCake

    she doesn’t look very happy.

  • permanentdecemberx

    is that legit?
    and are her and miley still friends?

  • Fiona

    yah, she doesn’t look happy.
    Can someone explain the poster? I don’t get it…

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