Jonas Brothers & Demi Camp Rock 2 Chat


  • SunLight Princess

    LOL to Kevin and Joe!
    and.. I didn’t even see Demi’s.. I still don’t feel like seeing her face..

  • Anonymous

    what wrong with Nick :S

  • Anonymous

    Demi is getting a lot of hate on twitter..well deserved, she needs it

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    The interviewer was a girl, Anonymous. Geez….

    She claims she’s been a vegetarian for about a year now. It was on her twitter a few months ago. But, since its about a year. I wanna say about a year.

  • Anonymous

    love demi. she’s actually fun unlike jb who are boring as hell and too uptight. they sugar-coat everything.

  • Anonymous

    so different from the m t v one

  • ftooneta234

    woah, Demi is vegetarian :o
    i just knew that XD

  • Anonymous

    nicks falling in story was hell better than joes omg we went and took pictures and it was soo funay! oh my god *sarcasm.

  • Anonymous

    Kevin é muito prego! =x hahah

  • Jade G

    LOL Nick just won’t stand still! I wanted to go through the screen and hug him so that he wouldnt move anymore :P I had no idea Demi was vegiterian!?

  • Anonymous

    It’s official Demi is the best, She just seems so comfortable and fun, whereas JB come off slightly uptight. The tension in the MTV interview was definetly JB, because she seemed so happy in this one, and then joining forces with those snoozes must have been buzzkill.

  • gottafindyou

    all the power to you joe but if you keep doing Disney and CR things chances are they wont take you seriously when you audition. why are they pimping out CR2 so much? they didnt do this with the first one…before all the promo i was hyped to see im just over it and annoyed.. :S

  • Anonymous

    hahahhhahahhahahaha “oh.. i have an mtv interview after this”-demi lolll that was halarious

  • Anonymous

    Joe looks to hot in man it should be illegal for him to wear cloths..get naked now Mister! and Nick needs color in his face he looks soo pale!

  • EvaLovegood

    It’s kinda annoying that Nick can’t stop moving. xD Still love him though.

  • Anonymous

    Wow could JB be anymore boring in this? And while them & Demi are both promoting only them manage to make it seem like they want to shove it down my throat.

  • Anonymous

    man can they not keep still!
    i mean just an observation but damn!

    oh and, from 0:59-1:02, nick & joe have a really cute eye contact moment.
    so yeah.

  • Anonymous

    Is kevin saying Joe likes to sleep in?

  • Anonymous

    LET NICK SPEAK!!!!!!!!!! Fuck you Joe this time you messed it up!! I love u both lmao

  • Anonymous

    Demi Lovato has offically starting annoying the fuck out of me what is wrong with her. btw I think this is the day Joe broke up with or it was the next day but yeah around this time!

  • Anonymous

    Demi, you get your flirt on GIRL!
    The interviewer is lucky, a fly on the wall could tell Demi was flirting it up!

  • @starrstruck

    check this out and show it to @ddlovato GO!!!

  • cherryblossom

    haha love how joe and nick are kinda awkwardly shuffling left and right. (:
    and demi looks amazing. don’t know if they wanted to be interviewed separately or was it just a coincidence?

  • Anonymous

    she was happy…that’s good

  • Anonymous

    Can Joe manage to shut up and let anyone else answer. Getting so tired of him thinking he is the only one that can speak. He’s done with Demi. We’ve finished giving the two of them extra attention. Demi’s losing it though. Her tweets about prenups? She needs to grow up. This is why 17 year olds shouldn’t be in relationships with grown ups, even if he’s equally immature. Did she honestly think they were getting married?

  • liam


  • Anonymous

    LOL omg so true it is cuteeee :3 i wish Nick would do that with me :D

  • harrypotterbitches

    Nick barley spoke lol

  • -Hibz-

    Damn, I wanna see but these videos won’t loaddd!

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Kevin and Demis faces in the stills <3

  • monique

    hey demi you camp rock 2 auditions i cant find them can you tell me how to enter cause i have been doing acting and dance classes for 2 years and i really want to enter but i dont know how can u let me knoe please thnx ur biggest fan

  • Alterego

    I dont feeel like watching them.. ):

  • RiNiO

    liam said:

    I think having hair at the chest means that you are a original male… At least in my country boys want so badly to have hair at the chest and when somebody shave them they called him “gay”( not saying that this kind of ratsism is good, definetely not!).
    So Go Kevin!

  • Anonymous

    Kevin in the middle!!!!!!!

  • xoxo

    kevin hair chest……..EW

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3


  • hithere

    hope this is good
    ew kevin, shave
    go jo bros and demi!

  • hithere

    guuuuys i changed my icon

  • Anonymous

    “Joe, sunset or sunrise?”
    “you have to be awake for sunrise.”
    “yes, you do…”

    LAWLZ. i love his face.

    p.s. NICK SPEAK.