Sonny With A Chance Mackenzie Stalls

  • Anonymous

    OLD ou

  • Anonymous

    I’ve already seen this on TV, it’s not new.

  • Andrea

    uh yeah I already saw this OU….

  • -Hibz-

    Sterling looks so much cuter with short hair.

  • Mahima

    wow they put wayyyyy tooo much makeup on demi.

  • SoRawSUgAr

    lurved this haha fave sketch

  • entwinedintime

    I don’t find this show funny at all.
    They try too hard, imo

  • Julianna

    Umm this is from legend of candyface

  • oneofakindxo

    Um oceanup your so dumb, this is from the episode of candyface. Dumbass

  • Alexx.


  • Anonymous

    correct me if am wrong but this was a skectech of the legned of candy face if am right oceanup is soo stupid

  • Anonymous

    umm this is old and a sketch from the beginning of the candy face episode…

  • harrypotterbitches

    hahahaha so stupid

  • MollySmellsOfFlowers

    wasnt this in an episode? i think ive seen it before