• Anonymous

    ahhh Zac and Vanessa are so I in love with, it makes me smile!!

  • len4eto

    ian somerhalder (h)

  • Anonymous

    oooh whos the guy with zac?? ;)

  • jonas_vampire

    Ian Zac how much better can it get

    nina & Ian!!!

  • Anonymous

    Zac and Vanessa are adorable. I love how they support each other in their individual careers. These two have what it takes to make it in the business. Not just their tenacity and work ethic. They have a special charisma that I call the “it factor.” This charisma isn’t something you can manufacture or pretend to have. It’s just something certain people innately have. Zac and Vanessa are the only two actors from the HSM franchise that have that special charisma—the “it factor” and it will take them far.

  • Anonymous

    who is the guy on the right of nina?

  • Anonymous

    Aww the way they look at each other is so cute hee hee and i can’t wait for CSC.

  • Anonymous

    stupid vanessa hudgens i hate her

  • Anonymous

    ian is sooooo hot…..I FUKIN LUV ZAC

  • Anonymous

    and nina is beautiful! he needs to dump his ugly ass girlfriend and date her now! haha they are so adorable<3

  • Anonymous

    still such a cute couple… i swear they never get old!

  • Shion

    Nina and Ian :D
    Ian is so fucking sexy.

  • Noa

    they are so down to earth
    so gorgeous and soo nice perfect couple
    they are still so happy together

  • Anonymous

    Zac Nina Ian :)
    and Joe …
    see the diference They have tickets in first place and joe..um rememebr the picture in his twitter NO IS FIRTS CLASS :O #Fail

  • xoxo

    nina looks so much like miranda

  • Anonymous

    Nina is gorgeousssss as always!!!
    And Vanessa and Jac are a very attractive couple too. hehe

  • aaliyahnoelle

    i love vanessa and zac, ian is gorgeous and i love nina dobrev. i met her while she was on degrassi, one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

  • No Bitchassness

    The need to get married! Just so cute :)