Debby Ryan Nathan Kress Puppy Hangout


Via @TheDebbyRyan.

  • Anonymous

    There’s just nothing REALLY different about her

  • Anonymous

    There’s just nothing REALLY different about her

  • brianna

    When I saw this on her Twitter I didnt even notice that, that was Nathan Kress.! XD

  • yesaella

    they should date cause if they do their celeb name would be my last name lmaooo ‘nebby’ wooooott

  • Fiona

    Before I read the title I saw two girls and a puppy. Not the best pick Nathan,lol
    Cute puppy though

  • Anonymous

    Debby kinda annoys me. like every new star in disney channel. bring back the old shows!

  • Anonymous

    What a bitch…she didn’t even mention Drake’s Twitter name.

  • Anonymous

    She’s cute. that puppy look like Snuggle bear

  • Anonymous

    i dont dislike her

  • Anonymous

    whats wrong with his crotch

  • CupcakezLover

    I actually like both of them. Well sorta…

  • Jambo

    i like them both a lot.. they could make a cute couple…..

  • vailovesyou.

    i really hate that people don’t care about her.
    i like her.

  • hithere

    he is so gay

  • cristina

    omg really y nathan look so dam ugly lol hahaha

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure there datingg lol