Brenda Song leaving Longmi Lashes in Beverly Hills today. Photos: Fame.

  • karmaia
  • Anonymous

    woah. her outfit is awesome…she looks hot.

  • jimjampimp
  • emma13

    whats up with her skin tone always being different?
    i mean once i saw her really tanned and then the next pale.

  • Anonymous

    Love Brenda hope her and Joe are still friends because I doubt Demi will want to be friends anymore!!!

  • Anonymous

    Random, seriously? She’s the IT GIRL! she is BRENDA SONG!

  • GeekyBboy
  • duktapedude
  • Anonymous

    brenda is always followed by the papz, they should fuck off.

  • boqxkts

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  • tutub3s
  • juneair
  • Naangfaa
  • TheKCrew
  • Anonymous

    kind of strange you’re saying that: she’s the star of disney’s top rated kids show and she’s starring in a BIG studio theatrical film with justin timberlake and a shit load of OSCAR winners.. umm what do you expect? an interview with those E! news d-listers? wtF? you’re delusional… lol!

    she’s been followed by papz for years now, kind of strange you haven’t noticed. look at just jared jr and oceanup’s previous posts. they don’t post all of her candids, they only post like ONE a month! i think she and hilary duff were the first disney stars who got followed. vanessa hudgens was second, i think then miley!

  • Fiona

    <3 Brenda

  • Anonymous

    no it’s not! she’s brenda fucking song!

  • marloufa
  • Anonymous

    whats up with her skin tone always being different?
    i mean once i saw her really tanned and then the next pale.


    I’m pretty sure it’s the lighting…


    yeah i think so too too.. she’s generally pale but is tanned sometimes. she gets herself tanned before events sometimes. she was pale when she was a kid and she’s pale on her show. love u brenda!!!

  • zeutheir
  • pjycnchum

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  • _liesyoutold

    she’s so pretty. (:

  • island.B

    shes hott :)

  • ilikeyourbeard

    lol, kind of random she’s getting paparazzi.

  • Jeff

    looks like she’s ready to curl up in front of a ventless fireplace with a good book

  • Diamondback


  • engramchris
  • -Jenii

    i like her outfit

  • pacl34

    emma13 said:

    whats up with her skin tone always being different?
    i mean once i saw her really tanned and then the next pale.


    I’m pretty sure it’s the lighting…

  • AndiandPaul
  • metthedd
  • LizMejor

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  • Anonymous

    horrible. :D

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know it was that cold in cali… she looks like she’s waiting for a snowstorm to happen

  • Doom

    She looks pretty. I love her aviators and hat.

  • Disdain

    She looks pretty. :)

  • NICKolas

    why is she all covered up? she looks like a nun.

  • Serenity.

    why is she all covered up? she looks like a nun.

    They’re called clothes, i hope you’re not going to make fun of her for wearing them.

  • NICKolas

    why is she all covered up? she looks like a nun.

    They’re called clothes, i hope you’re not going to make fun of her for wearing them.
    Nope, I was just wondering. She is covered from head to toe.

  • Anonymous

    yeah i’m going to make fun her them because that overcoat looks redic on her.

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    love her hair ::)

  • Gleekedout

    cant stand her, like the purse.