Cole, ‘Jedward Welcome On Suite Life’

Jedward have been invited to guest star on Disney Channel’s The Suite Life On Deck. Cole Sprouse said: ‘We love twins over here. Everyone loves twins. If they contacted us, honestly they could probably get on the show, that’d probably be a funny episode.

Dylan added: ‘Look at their hair. Competition brother, competition.’ He insisted that Jedward are only welcome provided they don’t try and style their hair, while Cole joked: ‘We keep the lion’s main look.’

  • teardrop

    lols :)
    For some reason, i do love them, and at the same time, loathe them.
    The episode would be funny, they’re such good laugh-out-loud characters.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody Irish works on the Sweet Life On Deck show…ever noticed all the Irish flags and scarfs in the background? They obviously want Jedward on it too, cuz they’re Irish…

  • ledgemon

    There so going to get their own tv show after that episode.. :D

  • ilikeyourbeard

    wtf, huh?

  • kyoisorange

    ew why

  • Anonymous

    eww , why bring those horrible people into a wonderful show? :(

  • emilyyaleeceee

    ok who is Jedward, when i hear i think of jake and edward from twilight.

  • sroberts249

    i think of jake and edward when i hear “jedward”

  • OhMyGoshnessLol

    Haa :) I love John and Edward :)

  • Anonymous

    lion’s mane**

  • Anonymous

    jedward were two twins john and edward who were on the british show x factor and they were pretty bad look them up on youtube?

  • ThatboyisaMONSTER

    smh, there so annoying. :/

  • Anonymous

    made my day :) i love coleey.

  • Anonymous

    @emilyyaleeceee LOL, I thought it too!

  • Anonymous

    hahahahah dylan and cole… jokes..

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    Yes please.
    Love Jedward <3