Jonas Brothers SEASON 1 BLOOPERS

Thx Jenna!

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Eh, I’ll watch it later

  • Dumm Blonnd

    joe’s a cutieee. <3

  • Camillou

    “Time machine is ready”
    “Those women must be… the girls.”

    Aha Nick :D

  • demi is my girl crush

    nICK’S sense of humor is sooo underrated. i think he is actually the funny one. CALL ME CRAAAZY!!!!

  • Anonymous

    That was so funny, love these boys.


    This is HILARIOUS!!!! I love these boys!!
    The slap part was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen HAHAHAHAHA
    Joe you’re HOTT!!! I love his smile *sighs*

  • Danger-ous

    Joe’s face at the end of that is so precious.

  • cheaperbythedozen

    joe is love <3

  • kristen [=

    i always thought nick was the funny one [=

  • SunLight Princess

    hahaha <3

  • Anonymous

    i love the part where Joe slaps Kevin lol

  • Anonymous

    Lol Nick!
    Nick: “I’m lucky this isn’t my drumset.”
    Kevin: “Youre lucky this isn’t your face!”
    Nick: “Yeah… I’m lucky about that too.”


    “These women must be… the girls!”

  • SunLight Princess

    Danger-ous said:

    Joe’s face at the end of that is so precious.
    Your icon is beautiful.

  • MollySmellsOfFlowers

    Lol I love bloppers

  • Anonymous

    Nick is so adorable! <3

  • Anonymous

    Aww joe’s adorable. Funny bloopers to be honest.

  • jerseygirl

    They’re hilarious.

    And I agree, Danger-ous……. Joe’s face = <3

  • Anonymous

    joe makes me laugh, I love how he tries to be serious but always ends up cracking up laughing. I love his face when he slaps kevin, so funny. Gotta love these boys.

  • jemilover_x3

    “joe opens mouth” *beeeeep*
    laughing soooo hard!!!!!! hahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    haha joe slapping Kevin was great! lol
    and at the end with stella and kev made
    me laugh for some reason hah love kevs girl voice lol

    and agreed nick is pretty damn funny, he doesnt get
    enough credit

  • Anonymous

    i luv kevin

  • Anonymous

    Joe slap Kevin LOL love it!

  • Anonymous

    Nick is the funniest one and Kevin is so so cute! No comment on Joe.. :/

  • Disdain

    Aww that was cute! Especially Joe :D

  • Ashe Cyrus Jonas

    It comes with the 3rd DVD…
    I’ve got it (:

  • Tinypic Bandit

    That was surprisingly hilarious!

  • emma13

    man nick is soo hot :)
    and hes so funny epically in these bloopers. lol i love it when he smiles or laughs. he looks so cute.

  • heybaby

    “Time machine ready!”

    “Those females..must be the girls”

    NICHOLAS! ohh god yes girls are females nick we’ve already established that

  • TayBrii__?

    Love them! ;)

  • Belle

    These guys are hilarious. It must be so much fun to work with them on the set :)

  • Belle

    These guys are hilarious. It must be so much fun to work with them on the set :)

  • LoveLautner

    Nick’s facial expressions are beyond gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how Joe is looking hotter to everyone now that he is single again!!!

  • Kristeels

    I love bloopers (: especially with them! Haha ^^

  • RiNiO

    I can’t understand everything…….. but the parts I unterstand are so funny…….. LOL!
    And I agree Nick is totally funny!!!

  • Anonymous

    hahaha “DAMN BUT THEY’RE GOOD LOKING MAAN” i think i just fell in love with Joe all over again. Sorry Nick.

  • -Hibz-

    Ahahaha. I was laughing the whole time.

    Bloopers for any show are the best.

  • Hangover

    LOL Nick:)

  • Anonymous

    NICK. IS. BEAUTIFUL. that is all

  • livingoutloud

    oh bam.

  • Disdain

    Nick is bb 4eva!

  • AlwaystheTruth

    and Joe is adorable!

  • livingoutloud

    Does anyone always go to click on “OCEANUP” up there to go to the main page…then remember the corn pops are back. Then you get super annoyed. Ahahah.

  • AlwaystheTruth

    to me Nick is just funny whe he has a script!lol love him

  • Paola

    I love Nick! because he is SO FUNNY!

  • Rachel

    LOL they are all so naturally funny and you gotta love bloopers

  • awesome gangster

    “im lucky this isnt my drum set ” “your lucky this isnt your face ” bahaha that made me laugh :]

  • Anonymous

    i wanna li li li lick you from yo head to yo toes and i wanna move from the bed down to the down to the flo then i wanna ahh ahh you make it so good i don’t wanna leave but i gotta le let me kno know wha whats your fan-ta-ta-sy

  • Anonymous

    I’m a male Jonas Brothers fan! Follow me on twitter !