Kristen Stewart Miley Cyrus SUPPORTER

  • blabla

    is she being sarcastic?
    she actually sounds honest

  • AmieeDawn

    Kristen can be very sarcastic at times, but I don’t know..I think she genuinley loves the song.

    Taylor has known Miley for like, 6 years.

  • Anonymous

    Bahaha..I love how Aussie’s say Miley’s name..they’re like, “Muiley Syrus.”

  • Anonymous

    She didn’t “put the climb on”. It was just playing. She is in NO FUCKING WAY a Miley supporter.

  • ilikeyourbeard

    is she being sarcastic?

  • Anonymous

    lmao. Either way, I love Kristen.

  • Anonymous

    Kristen is suuuuuuper cute, and really sweet

  • Anonymous


  • emma13

    where in that video she said she supports miley? or maybe im just deaf.

  • wtfbecca

    it’s been like this from the start, one piece after another to create my heart <3

  • aaliyahnoelle

    she was like “don’t you want to see that damn mountain move” lol.

  • Anonymous

    aww she seems so normal in this, i love it!
    “im like smacking the dashboard.”

  • wtfbecca

    emma13 said:
    where in that video she said she supports miley? or maybe im just deaf.

    i think it was implied when she said “dont you just wanna see that damn mountain move” and when she got honestly excited about getting her CD : )

  • star19

    I love Kristen and Dakota. :)

  • Anonymous

    Uh, what? She’s not “supporting Miley”, she’s just joking around about one of her songs?
    Ahahaha, oceanUP you so silly.

  • Hangover

    You go Girl:)
    Love her<3

  • kamikaze

    oceanup technically isnt wrong with this title. the reason this interviewer brought miley up is because in a different interview kristen said that ppl may find it surprising that she likes the climb/miley cyrus. she said how she went on a road trip and would put the climb on.

  • emma13

    why does ou always have to have misleading titles? i mean cmon on. she was just joking around about her song. but whatever.

  • Anonymous

    fuck kristen but i love miley realist gangsta on ou

  • Katherine

    Kristen’s a cutie but she’s totally sarcastic about Miley. I mean, I love her and all (KSTEW, not slutbag) but it’s fake.

  • Jordan

    Do you guys seriously not understand that she’s making fun of Miley?

  • Anonymous

    ur the dumb one b*tch
    she likes tht song, she said tht another interview..

  • Anonymous

    aw kristen is so cute i think i love her more than i did before :)

  • RobstenLover

    totally agree..she is amazing!!

  • RobstenLover

    I admire kristen for everything she does <3

  • xCyrusBieber

    I never thought she would say that, but im happy about that! LOL. I love Kris and Miley:)

  • Julianna


  • iSupportNiley


  • itsautumnbelle


  • peacelovehearts


  • Serenity.

    I never likes her, this changed everything <3

  • Gleekedout

    bahahaha i never thought she would say that.

  • thecolordecays.

    Kristen is cute!

  • wtfbecca

    she actually sounds really sweet : )

  • Disdain

    Yay! :D