Miley Cyrus RADIO 1 INTERVIEW June 2

Radio 2 interview under! Thx @eileenjonas!

  • thecolordecays.

    I love Fearne but I miss her blonde hair!

  • oxoemmaoxo

    That painting of miley is freaky.

  • Anonymous

    wait, im confused…she talked about liam and didnt OU post that they broke up?

  • oxoemmaoxo

    I love Fearne but I miss her blonde hair!

    I find her annoying, i like holly better.



  • K.F.D.M.S lover


  • ilikeyourbeard

    so what has she said this time, that makes her look like an idiot?
    i really don’t want to listen to it all. but i have a feeling she must have said at least ONE dumb thing.

  • Anonymous

    fearne cotton is a babe so is miley, love it.

  • Anonymous

    ilikeyourbeard THAT’S CRUWL! This interview was amazing and just her she had so much fun and laughter! Djeez

  • Anonymous

    realist gangsta on ou i love you miley but bitches be hating hard just don’t give them your strength

  • Anonymous

    yup overly obsessed selena fan please gtfo gosh and miley said nothing stupid GET A LIFE

  • Anonymous

    What’s happening with oceanup’s website?

  • Julianna

    I love you Mileyyyy!

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Radio 2? Really?

  • inwonderland like her.

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Oh OU you fail. I knew it wasnt radio 2

  • ShowMeYourTeeth

    Would any Miley fans even listen to Radio 2?!

  • iSupportNiley

    YAY!Finally! A Miley post

  • livingoutloud


  • xVicix

    well some one makes miley look ugly