Mitchel Musso CELEBRATE New Song

  • lacieH

    not lip singing
    i heard this song at hershey 3 weeks ago

  • artfuldodger

    ok. its called lip-syncing. as in to lip-sync.

    im not by any means a fan of mitchel’s music. but i do produce music for a living. and he is not lip-syncing. he has a slight back track and he also uses synth effects and auto tune. or, for all the kiddies, the “t-pain effect”. he’s a young guy who’s a pretty good/decent singer who, if he chooses to continue to sing, will grow into his voice.

  • chocolatelemonade

    in a couple weeks he’ll no longer be mitchel musso, he’ll be travis barker cause honestly i can’t even make him out here. he must be going through metamorphisis.

  • lacieH

    Lol, hes definitely not lip singing. I heard this song from him at hershey like 3 weeks ago;;
    yeah hes not lip singing.

  • Anonymous

    he is not a lip singer he is the best singer ive heard so shut up

  • Fenna

    Omg. he is lip singing.

  • Lacie_H

    Mmmmkayy listen : I heard him sing this at hershey 3 weeks ago;;
    hes not lip singing.

  • Promnight95

    Maybe You Should Find A Hair-cut That Dosen’t Make You Look Like A Lesbian

  • vikki

    is he lip singing?

  • kyoisorange

    cant wait

  • Julianna


  • thecolordecays.

    I love Mitchel but I’m not a big fan of his muzak!

  • Anonymous

    mayyyybee he should sing live.

  • Anonymous

    i love him so much. such a hottie with such a voice :) he’s a bad boyy .<3