David Archuleta Chords Of Strength BOOK

David Archuleta @ a signing for his new book ‘Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance’ at BookEnds in Ridgewood, New Jersey on Tuesday afternoon. PR Photos.

  • Anonymous

    Orly? Where’s the proof he’s dating someone when he’s already confirmed that he isn’t?

  • Anonymous

    I met him in Ridgewood on Tuesday. He’s absolutely adorable and so sweet! His book is really well written as well, seeing as I can’t put it down haha.

  • nia

    Aw he’s so adorable. Can’t wait to read his book! :)

  • Anonymous

    from a source: after the book signing in NY, david will be heading to Toronto,Canada to visit his girlfriend charice. hmmm……..

  • Anonymous

    i still can’t believe david archuleta fans don’t believe that he is not dating charice, evenually the truth will come out about theirs relationship status. i am so proud of david and his book.

  • VJ

    Yeah. Um, David is absolutely adorable. And shy. And hot. And a totally genuine sweetheart. He’s just got the whole package, and I love how down-to-earth he is. I also love the book! It’s not easy opening your thoughts up for the whole world to see. Great job, David, and congratulations!

  • haterstotheleft

    Haters to the left please. I love his book.

  • Lindseilou

    ohmygoodness. would you guys mind if I married him? yum. :D

  • Anonymous

    i read his book, it really good!. david is such a really good person. i wish david just admits that he is dating charice?. please david!. everyone knows that they’re dating anyway. he is going to the phillpines and charice is going with him too!.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE HIM! HES SO HOT. His book is amazing too! HES LIKE THE NICEST PERSON EVER :)

  • Wow

    Well I’m sorry that so many of you have had bad experiences with guys to the point that thinking a nice one is gay. Just because he doesn’t sleep around and use girls or publicly make out with them doesn’t make him gay. He respects girls and himself, so of course he’s not going to be like these ‘normal’ guys out there that go have a one night stand and go home. I keep hearing people say he’s gay, but for what reasons? I heard one time it was because he was ‘too nice’. Seriously? You’re going to call a guy gay because he’s too nice? I’d like to hear other people’s reasons on why they think this.

    Anyway, enough with my rant. Archie is a great guy, and I already have his book. It’s very inspirational, and you really learn a lot about him and persevering to the end.

  • Anonymous


    hes hotter than joe jonas

  • Anonymous

    David is not dating charice, he’s already said that sorry.

  • Anonymous

    david is hotter than joe jonas <3 his book is amazing

  • Anonymous

    I lovvee him <3 <3 <3 post more about him ocean up! (:

  • Jess

    Aw he looks so cute there. I have already read the book and it is fantastic. Very insightful with a lot of good advice.

  • Asia

    he really is!! I love him <3 <3 post more about him ocean up!! (:

  • Anonymous

    I love him his book is great and he deserves all the sucess in the world sweetest person ever. All of the haters on here obviously have nothing better to do with your lives oh well you can hate all you want while David will be the one laughing his a$$ all the way to the bank $$$$$$$. I LOVE YOU DAVID JAMES ARCHULETA <3

  • -Jenii

    hes adorable and a great guy

  • Anonymous

    he is the most adorable thing in the world.

  • Anonymous

    he is SO adorable. but hey, lets not get carried away now, i mean hes cute but not AS hot as joe jonas ;D hes fricken cute tho <3 love him!

  • Anonymous

    believe it or not, david is dating charice!. people who doesn’t believe that they are not dating, i hate to tell you but yes they’re!. and there is proof of it too!.

  • elen

    wow addorable dude :P

  • ILoveDavidArchieForever

    He’s not dating Charice! He said so himself! They’re just really good friends! And what’s this thing goin’ on saying that they’re both going to the Philippines?! No one EVER said that!

  • Anonymous

    lol David is not only hotter than Joe Jonas but he is hotter and more talented than all of the Jonas Brothers + Justin Beaver combined they wish they could look as good and sounds as good as him

  • Anonymous

    david is incredible.

  • Anonymous

    i already had the book. its so great to read. its so inspiring. you can see there that david james is really talented even in his younger age.

  • Anonymous

    when two celebrity people are dating the rumors or sources always came from theirs hometown, that what i always have hear. for celebrites part, again, the rumors or sources does not come from theirs familys, it came from mostly people that they knew or know them and i heard celebrites get very mad about it and that really sad.

  • Anonymous


    gayyyyyyyyyyyy i swear he is. just wait, it will come out sooner or later. he is so ugly.

  • Anonymous

    Well apparently looking at ugly and homosexual people is one of your past times.

  • Anonymous

    ur gay. don’t be jealous of him

  • Anonymous

    met him today. love him so much. he deserves all the best.

  • iSupportNiley

    he’s not gay..he’s just a shy person..

  • Anonymous

    Why would he go to the Philippines? If him and Charice WERE dating, they could just see each other somewhere else! Why would he have to go to the Philippines? That’s like half-way around the world! But it’s a really nice place though. I’ve been there when I was a kid!

  • Anonymous

    ewww when did this dude make a book realist gangsta on ou out

  • AmberKnowsBest

    Lol he looks a mess.
    But he totally looked hot when I went to Demi’s concert! (he was the opening act)

  • Anonymous

    Love him! And I got the book! It was great, learned alot of things about him that I didn’t know.

  • Anonymous1

    he’s adorable. love him.

  • Fer&Rocio

    i think he’s adorable too

  • Gleekedout

    On hold at the library :)

    I love him so much

  • Anonymous

    most likely david will be going to the philippines soon and he won’t stop talking about it!!!. charice is not david’s good friend, get real, she is more just a good friend!!!. and do you ever think david will admits to his fans that he is dating her, i don’t think so!!!. david will keep it hush hush about dating her period.

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Awh, I love Archie! I kinda want to read the book, maybe I’ll get it (:

  • DavidArchieGirl

    David James Archuleta is the freakin sexiest man alive! his book is amazing too and i met hiim on June 2nd! he’s the sweetest and nicest guy ever!! :) and im a die hard david fan so i would know that david is NOT dating charice. david isnt flying to toronto. he’s in minnisota for a book signing and him and charice are just really good friends!

  • Anonymous

    they do get together when they’re not busy with thiers schedules and nobody see it!!! it called privacy. david and charice are trying to keep their relationship distance and they are both being very smart keep the relationship very quiet as they can and also they do talk and emails each other everyday!!.

  • Anonymous

    david and charice are dating, that is a fact!!. when people are going to find out that they’re dating, his fans are gonna be in shocked!!.

  • Anonymous

    i guess source is right!, david and his aunt lauri are going to Toronto, Canada tonight to see his girlfriend charice. maybe someone will see him at the JFK airport tonight!?.

  • pacl34

    wowwww, a book….


  • Anonymous

    david got a bad review from his COS book, not cool at all, i thought it was a great book!. anyway according to sources from david’s hometown in utah and charice’s hometown in phillpines, that thay are really dating and that how the rumors get started that what i have heard though??.

  • Anonymous

    I live in the Philippines and Im an Archie fan! Nobody ever said that he was compng back here! He’s been here before but he never visited Charice here!

  • Anonymous

    Aaron Kelly..whatever his name is, from american idol was so trying to be like david