Johnnie & Brookie When I Look At YOU

  • Anonymous

    blonde is horrible D:

  • Anonymous

    you guys were both really good, and have beautiful voices

  • Anonymous

    i don’t get it… they aren’t even good…

  • Anonymous

    Blonde girl sucks like shit! other girl playin the guitar is hott!

  • heathermotter

    Why are they on here? They aren’t that good. The blonde girl is flat.

  • Anonymous

    the bracelet is by jac vanek :) you can find all of her stuff at

  • Fiona

    where do you get the bracelet that the blonde girl is wearing?’
    I have seen many saying like PO’ND or Life Suck or something like that.
    help… please

  • cassmetria.

    pretty cool (:

  • Noa

    You gotta be kidding!
    they are not bad but seriously its not great
    and when they gonna sing accapella it sounds so much differend and kinda bad.

  • Anonymous

    wow ya’ll were pretty good and i love your harmony. it was beautiful. keep up the good work. :)

  • Anonymous

    sure everything sounds good in a harmony haha

    the blonde girl sucks…the one playing the guitar is really good. ditch the blondieeee lol

  • miley cyrus

    you sound it great guys…you two are like a professional…i love the voice…<3

  • Anonymous

    Blondie’s hair looks amazing!

  • kirsty

    The blonde girl is flat.